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This Make Your Own Warrior Cat! 팬 아트 might contain 애니메이션, 만화, and 만화책.

posted by Frorstyheart10
The wind whistled in a tone Lemonheart knew. A spirit she trained with named Breezefang. As a child Breezefang was jealous of his brother so he killed him so, his mother would 사랑 him. His father had died in a fight with Blazeclan when he was young he wanted his mother to 사랑 so, he made up lies. He would raid camps in the middle of the night killing just so his mother would 사랑 him. Sad enough she didn't care at all. One night Blazeclan 고양이 caught him in the act and killed him. His body was swept down the river where his mother found it. She had told the truth about his brother so, Snowclan...
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posted by Frorstyheart10
Crystalwing headed into the moors of Grassclan. Her mother Lillyflower was just killed and not a single cat had sympathy 또는 wanted revenge on those Snowclan cats. The two clans had clashed a two hours 이전 and still everybody was expecting them to charge into camp and finish up the rest of them. Suddenly, she saw a flash a yellow. Crystalwing slowly stalked 앞으로 ready to attack. Then, she was her cat. It was Lemonheart her little sister. "Where are 당신 going? Revenge like 당신 were meowing about?" Lemonheart asked fixing her two mismatching eyes on her. "You guessed right." Crystalwing replied...
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posted by scourgefan
i am new to 팬팝 and i am making a warriors story. it is about a rouge named fang who joins a clan. i am not done but when i am i will post it. i am working very hard. i took some of the characters from tv shows and games. the story will be very funny when i am finished with it.the clans are burdockclan stoneclan and the main clan grassclan. if 당신 want me to post what i have so far 당신 will have to tell me. my main cat is fang. he is an immortal cat who joins grassclan. i promise 당신 will 사랑 my story. it is called warriors:dark forest fang. i hope 당신 like it. so far i am at page 52 chapter 5. please comment. the 더 많이 코멘트 i get the faster my story will be published. i will work on my story from dusk to dawn until i finish. if 당신 want me to add a character tell me soon 또는 it might be too late. all the 고양이 will be told to 당신 in the story.
posted by MacieFrog101
Hi. I just now joined fanpop, already LOVING it! Now, I've started 글쓰기 a story about My Clans, NightClan,FlameClan, NightClan, and My Main Clan: LightningClan. As we go deeper into the story, we start off with a nice little secret-meeting, between two Kits, both almost apprentices, Near the River that marks a border. The 2 kits are Dragonkit and Ravenkit(me).(You might wanna know who I am, so i'll explain later) They meet each other quickly, and wish each other good luck with their apprenticeship, both being the same exact age. Ravenkit's Mother (Known As PoppyFlower) Beckons her. Ravenkit runs to her mother. I am Ravenkit/paw/heart/star.We get into all that later. I'm not Finished with the story, and I'll post the whole story later.

Also, one of the clans is in great danger at the end of the story. No 더 많이 Spoilers, though!
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