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pietruszka posted on Oct 01, 2010 at 10:39AM
Just so :)
 Just so :)

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over a year ago MoniBolis said…
It hurts....

I don't know why I got so emotional involve with a couple, that I knew it was just a story to postpon Huddy. (Thats what american tv shows do, they drag things)

The writters had a chance to explore something, and in the end it felt like it was just convenient for the plot and rush.

I felt like they gave me a resolution ala "grey Anatomy"

About the fictional charcters, I think they were cute, I feel bad for Lucas, and I lose a lot of sympathy for Cuddy.
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over a year ago pietruszka said…
How do you feel about Huddy, in terms of Luddy? I don't think it's played well ;/
Like I said somewhere else:

And, yeah, Huddy - the only thing I don't like. I don't find their go-card date funny, maybe because I couldn't hear much.
I'm mad how Cuddy leaved her loving fiancé to get sex, more sex, fight, sex and goodbye sex :/ This Huddy seems like there's nothing deep, even if we saw in Now What that there is. This Huddy doesn't seem like S6/7 Huddy, more like S4 Huddy - everyone wanted for them hot romance back then. it just don't fit and I dislike it, but I'm still grateful for great quotes, funny scenes and possibility of seeing more Lisa's mimic.
over a year ago misanthrope86 said…
^ Not sure where that above comment is from, but its a little guilty of the kind of thing I was talking about where Huddy fans blamed Cuddy for everything... What I think we need to remember is that Lucas was only ever there to advance the Huddy storyline. Now, that doesn't mean that I agree with that (in fact, I hate it!), but from the perspective of the producers and writers, Luddy was always just going to be the entree to the Huddy main course. I have accepted that part.
My problem is the way that they have treated Lucas specifically. In season 5, his storyline was just dropped. Then he reappears, hangs around for a while, then, once again, he gets cut and disappears. As of yet, there hasn't been any word on whether or not he comes back, even for a little while. So what annoys me, is the disrespectful dropping of a character who, despite what Luddy haters say, has been a key part of the show and has been a popular character.

Also, I still don't find Cuddy just dumping Lucas and running into House's arms a believable move for her character. Especially since she had introduced Lucas to Rachel and they had bonded. That move, for me, doesn't fit with Cuddy's character, even when you consider the House/Cuddy history.
over a year ago MoniBolis said…
So, Luddy last longer right?
A couple of weeks ago, everyone on my twitter feed went crazy because, House and Cuddy broke up...I don't if they got back together again, but if they haven't...

Lucas last longer...there.