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pietruszka posted on Jan 10, 2010 at 10:40AM
What do you think, how will Luddy end? Because we all know that's going to happen.
(Please don't put spoilers in here)

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over a year ago MoniBolis said…
I'm proud to say that I'm spoiler free since nov 2009.

Anyway I have 2 theories

1.- The proposal. Lucas ask Cuddy to marry him, she says no and they break up. I like this idea, because that way Cuddy would be a little more messed up. Leaving the huddy dynamic in a weird place to explore.

2.- House does something super good for her, and she dumps Lucas. I don't like this idea, but it could happen.

If they break up, I want House to be a factor, but not the factor.
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over a year ago sh081978 said…
I think Lucas will propose to Cuddy, she'll say yes but before they marry something will happen to Lucas and she'll be devastated. We would be left with a grieving Cuddy which will be another road block to Huddy which is what TPTB seem to be after.
over a year ago MoniBolis said…
Wait? You think they are gonna kill off Lucas? Maybe, but then the writters would be reciclying the Wilson & Amber storyline.

Also, I don't want him to die
over a year ago sh081978 said…
I think they could very well recycle the Wilson/Amber story, I don't think House would be as involved in the death though. How many finale's have involved House hallucinations? - I don't think they are concerned with recycling. It's all about the drama and this would generate a bit, maybe this would give House his chance to unintentionally prove himself to Cuddy while she is grieving?? It's just a thought...
over a year ago MoniBolis said…
"this would give House his chance to unintentionally prove himself to Cuddy while she is grieving??"

I like that idea
over a year ago pietruszka said…
I think killing another character off would be lame.
over a year ago MoniBolis said…
I have a new theory:

House realize that Luddy is getting serious,(maybe he finds out that Lucas is gonna propose) so he comes up with a plan to break them up. A good one this time.

He fakes having a really bad day with his leg pain. He calls Cuddy instead of Wilson.
Cuddy goes to the rescue, then House takes advantage of what she knows about his allucination and well...they sleep together.

Of course Cuddy feels guilty. She confronts Lucas, Lucas tell her is over. She keeps feeling guiltier and guiltier.

Lucas goes to House and tells him, that he knows he was faking.
House says something like :"all is fair in war and in love" or "She is with me now"

Lucas just smiles and warns him that Huddy in not gonna last because House trick her (And it's not a good way to star a relationship), but Lucas won't tell.

So House is happy with Cuddy for a while, but she still feels guilty. In an argument House accidently tell her about his secret plan.

She feels betray. says something like "How could you lie to me like that?"
House tell her: "Who cares? We are together. Nobody put a gun to you head"

Cuddy: "You're right. But it doesn't change that what I did was wrong. Why is it that we bring out the worst in each other?"

And we end the season with Cuddy leaving for a "vacation"
With House not knowing if she is coming back.

That way Luddy breaks up, Huddy gets together but just for a second. All in a very dramatic way

Someone should writte a fanfic for my theory.
over a year ago Luddyfan01 said…
Well they are not ending it soon. So who knows?