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la_nina posted on Sep 04, 2008 at 06:36AM
Hello, everyone! Welcome to the Luddy spot——for a ship doomed to die!
I created this spot not because I love this ship(Actually I'm a Huddy, you know), but I think Luddy will be worth something to Huddy. I mean, making House jealous is the best way to accelerate Huddy, right?
So, have a good time!

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over a year ago misanthrope86 said…
Oh, so thats this spot is! LOL! I saw this spot yesterday, but there weren't any pictures up yet and the spot description hadn't been finished yet either and I was so confused! LOL!

But I get it now. I'm pretty excited about this ship. And I agree with you! I think this ship will make House soooooooooooo jealous!
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over a year ago PotterGal said…
LOL. I can't wait to see House get jealous about this ship! And the PI actually seems like a pretty funny guy. :)
over a year ago Huddyaddict12 said…
ha! this is a cool idea :)
over a year ago ZaraShade said…
Yay, good idea!
The PI guy does seem okay.
But Huddy all the way! Lets hope to see some House jealously. XD
over a year ago busanbusan said…
"a ship doomed to die" lol too funny!
over a year ago greghouseismine said…
big smile
I hope Cuddy gets into a deep relationship with Lucus. Huddy is the doomed ship. Ice berg ahoy!
over a year ago volle-terrienne said…
Go Luddy! (Even if I prefer saying Licas lol)
I'm 100% Huddy but I do like this ship. Lucas is great, he's a good guy and I really think he's the best to do this job (making our House jealous)!
Stacy, Lydia suck! Only Lucas rocks!