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posted by MoniBolis
- Tomorrow – Dr. Kane says – 당신 can take Donnie 집 tomorrow morning –
Lucas and Cuddy smile. For a little 더 많이 than a 월 Lucas and Cuddy visited their baby in the NICU
- Did 당신 hear that sweetie? – Cuddy has the baby in her arms. Donnie is bigger and has a 더 많이 healthy color. – You're going 집 –
Lucas kisses the baby forehead before Cuddy puts him back on the cot.
- Thank 당신 Doctor –

- So I'll take a couple of days off to be with the baby –
Cuddy says to Lucas as they walk to her office.
- 사랑 the idea –
- 당신 can stop smiling, can...
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Lisa Cuddy looks at her drink.

- 당신 don't look so joyful tonight Dr. Cuddy – Another doctor tells her.

They are on the open bar of tonight's gala. Cuddy has a three 일 medical convention in Chicago.

- I got the news that a…friend of mine died yesterday – she says

- Sorry to hear that – the man nods and walks away.

Cuddy goes to her table, but she doesn't sit down. She is in a bad mood to hear the speech.

- Lisa? –

Cuddy hears her name but it takes her a while to react. She turns around to see who is talking to her

- Lucas? –

- Hi – he walks to her. He is clean shave now and wearing a...
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posted by MoniBolis
Lucas opens the door of his apartment.
- Hi – He smiles to Lisa and lets her in – Were we supposed to meet today? –
- No – Cuddy sits on the couch.
- Something wrong? –
Lucas sits 다음 to Cuddy.
- He is under custody, and his hearing its Thursday – she tells Lucas. The P.I. realizes she is talking about House. – They don’t need me there, right? –
- The police took your statement, there are 더 많이 witnesses –
- He is going to jail –
- The charge is malicious destruction of property so depending of the amount of damage; he’ll be in jail a…while –
Cuddy sighs – This is so…argh….I...
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posted by MoniBolis
Lucas concentrates on his phone, is Saturday morning and he’s thinking about Lisa Cuddy.
He hits his head on the table. He stays on that position, thinking, trying to figure out what he is actually feeling for Cuddy.
Lucas sits back up, looks at the phone on his hands. He smiles as he remembers the first time he went out with Lisa, but then his 심장 aches when he remembers the breakup.
Lucas gets up and walks around in his apartment, clear his mind. On his coffee 표, 테이블 are some papers, flyers, and notes. One in particular catches his eye. It’s a flyer for a cinema showing old movies.
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posted by volle-terrienne
Hi guys, I saw some of 당신 wanna read some Luddy GOOD (lol) fanfics...
I'm 글쓰기 on one, there are 3 chapters for now.
If 당신 like it, I'll update 다음 chapter soon. If 당신 don't, I won't LOL

I'm French... so if you're not, use a translator 또는 try your best to understand ^^

What the fuck?

Auteur : Volly

Béta : Zaz' (Thaaank You)

Date : Octobre 2009

Avertissement NC-15, peut être NC-17 ensuite...

Disclamer : J'ai le regret de vous annoncer qu'aucun de ces personnages ne m'appartient... Too bad!

Contexte : Saison 6, mais très vague.

Chapitre 1 :

Une chemise, grise. Un chemisier, noir. Abandonnés de...
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Lucas had been pretending to re-stock the hospital vending machine for 3 hours, but he was yet to see Lisa. He decided to pack up his stuff and look for another vending machine to pretend to re-fill.

He bent down to pick up the box of 초콜릿 bars, when suddenly a pair of sturdy yet sexy heels entered his vision.

“Hello.” Said Lisa.

“Uh... Hi!” Said Lucas, trying to hide the panic in his voice.

“Have 당신 been stalking me?” Asked Lisa, in a direct and matter-of-fact tone.

Knowing he can’t lie to save himself, Lucas replied, “Yes.”

Lisa was taken aback 의해 his honesty. She gathered...
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posted by MoniBolis
- I never had sex with a pregnant woman before –
- Good! If 당신 had I would broke up with 당신 right now –
Begging of February, and Cuddy and Lucas find out the sex still is fun.
After Rachel birthday in December and Cuddy birthday in January they feel 더 많이 stable with their relationship, which is weird considering that she is 6 months pregnant.
- So when are 당신 gonna stop going to work? – Lucas asks Lisa – I don't think pregnant women are supposed to be in hospitals –
- Not yet – Cuddy says as she slowly gets up from the 침대 – I can still do my job – Lucas gazes at her, admires...
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