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posted by CMJCMJLG
You're the drop to my tear,
The clouds in the sky.
You're the waves of an ocean,
The twinkle of my eyes.

You're the snow to the storm,
The cry to my plea.
You're the spring to flowers,
You're all of this to me.

You're the sands of the dune,
The lightening of rain.
You're the moon for craters,
The anger of my pain.

You're the glitter to gold,
The creatures of the sea,
You're a script to a play,
You're all of this to me.

You're the blood of my veins,
The sun so bright,
You're howls of the wind,
The lyrics I write.

You're the smile to my laughter,
The leaves of trees
You're the emotion to music
You're all of this to me.
posted by apesofwrath
apesofwrath said:
Its a funny story. I would have laughed if 당신 had told me this story six months ago. So hard. If 당신 would have told me I would start feeling sorry for that immature looking boy. If 당신 would have told me I would start sitting with him at lunch. That I would start talking to him. If 당신 would have told me I would actually enjoy talking to him. If 당신 would have told me he was a loving dad. If 당신 told me we would become 프렌즈 and that I would come to think of him as a brother. I would have laughed hard. But I would have laughed even harder if 당신 told me I would start getting...
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When you’re happy, I’m glad
When you’re depressed, I’m sad
When you’re with her, it doesn’t pain me.
I feel happy that 당신 and her are free.
But do 당신 사랑 me?
I wonder that while my 심장 is breaking.
I smile even though it’s aching.
Will I ever find love?
Will I ever have the freedom, like a dove?
My sadness is consuming my soul, right to the very top
But because you’re happy, the pain will stop.
당신 and your gf a breaking away
A little bit each and every day
It hurts me to see 당신 so sad
And so mad
posted by shingkai
♥Pain and sorrow go hand in hand with true love, for 사랑 is never ideal but real so don't ever wonder what heartaches are for, remember "when it hurts, it's real..."

♥"Find a guy who calls 당신 beautiful instead of hot, who calls 당신 back when 당신 hang up on him, who will lie under the stars and listen to your heartbeat, 또는 will stay awake just to watch 당신 sleep... wait for the boy who kisses your forehead, who wants to show 당신 off to the world when 당신 are in sweats, who holds your hand in front of his friends, who thinks you're just as pretty without makeup on. One who is constantly...
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posted by emmett
I’ve waited so long
For everyone to realize
That my 심장 ain’t a toy 당신 can play with
My 심장 ain’t the best toy to break

I’ve wanted so long for 당신 to turn the light on
To realize that all 당신 need is me
To see my through the darkest of nights
To be with me forever
Is all 당신 really need

Such long nights alone
In the darkness I lay
Thinking about 당신
And I hope your thinking bout me too

Such great silence
Such great mystery
I’m all 당신 need
All 당신 want
All 당신 need is me
posted by liissaaxx
This guy I've known for four years now, was my boyfriend, enemy and now a friend. Through the four years I have known this guy my best friend has had feelings for him and still does. She was always afraid to speak up and tell him how she feels and I just found out this 년 how she felt, but now, even though were quite young, she has fallen for him. He's funny, cute, charming, makes 당신 laugh and brings a smile to your face when hes around you. He's very easy to love. She talks non-stop to me about him and she is always happiest when around him.
The 사랑 my friend feels may not be the true...
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posted by ToEkNeE
If I had the riches of this world, the diamond jewels they bring,
It would never compare to the value,
for me just to hear 당신 sing.

If I could have the greatest artist paint a picture of lies,
It would never compare to the wonder,
of looking in your eyes.

If I could have the moon,
right at my finger tips,
it could never compare to the amazement,
of when 당신 touch my lips.

If I could hold,
the softest and richest sand,
it would never compare to the gentleness
of holding your hand.

If I had the warmth of the sun,
right at my very face,
it would never compare to the warmth,
in your comforting embrace.

If the...
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posted by shell_bee9
With his angelic smile
our eyes meet
we stare for awhile
my 심장 skips a beat

could this be,am i falling for my best friend?
would this tortured longing ever end?
My 심장 is bursting at the seamse
for he is the 별, 스타 in all of my dreams

O lord what should i do?
Does he feel the same way to?

I remember when we were young playinng in a pool
Now,we're crushing on eachother in highschool

brrng!brrng! the class ends
should we just stay friends?
심장 ache is what i'm afraid of!
But what if this is true love?

He comes up to me, we talk for a bit
now he's on a knee, could this be it?

"Pardon me lovely machiere
could 당신 ever fall for a guy like me?
I think we both should take a chance
Would 당신 be my 날짜 for the dance?"

To be continued........
1. She makes eye contact and smiles at you.

2. She hits 당신 softly on the arm and laughs when 당신 say something funny.

3. She flips her hair when she's talking to you.

4. She touches your arm when she talks to you.

5. She says, 'No, I'm not telling 당신 who I like!' with a big smile on her face

6. She asks 당신 who 당신 like 또는 who 당신 would go out with seemingly interested.

7. When 당신 go to the 영화 with a bunch of your 프렌즈 and she is almost always 다음 to you.

8. She criticizes 당신 on a girl 당신 like.

9. 당신 catch her staring at you.

10. She plays with your hair 또는 tries to put...
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posted by Emma01

You may be tempted to fall back into old relationship patterns while the South Node of the Moon is in your 5th House of 사랑 and Romance, through July 26. Additionally, sensual Venus extends her stay in your sign due to a retrograde phase on March 6–April 17. During this time, 당신 may reignite a flame with an old lover 또는 turn up the heat on a current relationship. Venus enters impetuous Aries on February 22, slips back into compassionate Pisces from April 11 through April 24, and then remains in your sign until June 6, increasing your chances of finding love. Your key planet, Mars,...
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posted by nnpatel
When I see 당신 every morning I feel that your face is the only thing that I wake up early and go to school for. I feel that 당신 are the bright side to my day.....you like me and I like 당신 but when 당신 dumped your girlfriend for me I was shocked and thought that I would faint the moment 당신 asked me out.....I would only say yes to 당신 if 당신 promise me that 당신 will never do what 당신 did to youe ex girlfriend for me but 당신 swore to me 당신 won't and for some reason I am still saying maybe......you are waiting for the answer 당신 will get tomorrow morning......I <3 JULY
posted by jem_
♥Love Quotes♥

1. The greatest thing 당신 will ever learn is just to love, and be loved in return.

2. 사랑 one another and 당신 will be happy. It's as simple and as difficult as that. - Harold Loukes

3. "You can count on the sun to rise, for the stars to come out at night, but as long as there's air to breathe, you'll always be loved 의해 me."

4. "How can 당신 tell the sun not to shine, when clouds exist. How can ask leaves not to fall when wind exists. How can 당신 tell me not to fall in 사랑 when 당신 exist."

5. "A friend is one who knows 당신 and loves 당신 just the same." - Elbert Hubbard

6. To love...
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Ok, there will only be two dedicated 기사 now... for today xD I'm sorry but it's probably a phase of 글쓰기 poems for people... SORRY!! xD

My 팬팝 family

So far away
Still so close
Having problems with my family
I always have my 팬팝 mom
She'll listen
All the time
I know I can count on her
Absolutely brilliant
Sweetness coming from her eyes
Let me hug 당신 mom
Thank 당신 for always being there for me
Far away also
Very close
Supporting each other
글쓰기 stories together
She'll be there for me
All the time
I know I can count on her
Totally sweet
Beautiful are 심장 and face
Let me hug 당신 my 팬팝 sister
Thank 당신 for always being there for me

Sharon & Lexi - 사랑 당신 lots!
당신 can always count on me too
posted by TDIloverForever
I walk slowly threw the warm park. Old leaves crackle under my feet, as I look at the green spring leaves on their trees.
I sit on a brown rusted colored bench.
I watch the boys 축구 game go on, in the field.
I watch one specific person.
He kicks the ball perfectly into the net.
I sigh, wishing I could be the girlfriend cheering him on, on the sidelines.
I stare at him as he scores 더 많이 goals, and misses a couple times.
"So 당신 gonna do it? ...Tara!?" Abby, my best friend, yells at me. I shake my head. "Sorry.. What?" I say.
Abby sighs. "Are 당신 trying out for a cheerleader?" She says...
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Ok, so before I spoke about family 사랑 and now technically we know what it's about. Now I'm gonna talk about 사랑 that most teens are keen to know about but, wait, sometimes doesn't work out. 프렌즈 and Relationships.

Friendship is also something we need to have in my opinion, even jackasses need it to keep their jackass title. 프렌즈 can betray you, fight for you, always look out for and so on. My 프렌즈 were great at first but later totally forgot that I existed but let's not talk about me! 프렌즈 can actually change your world, influence 당신 take care of 당신 and bla bla bla....
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posted by irena83
They say that
pure 사랑 never fades.

They say that
fighting for your aims
brings accomplishment.

They say that
time heals everything.

They say...

사랑 is an illusion,
imagination blurs
your mind.
Reality is as sad as
your heart.

they say...

Everything is passing,
but the 질문 still
Loneliness lives inside.
Hope is still alive.

당신 fall today
but 당신 rise up tomorrow.
당신 fight.
당신 want.
당신 dream.
당신 are...

Filled 의해 hope
and willing to
live for your dreams,
당신 may win
당신 may lose.

Failure is always
당신 don't want
your dreams to be buried.

Precious dreams
still live in you,
but your will now
is weak.

they say that
hope never dies.
They say that
사랑 still shines.
posted by xroylex
i was 10 when i met kyle as soon as i looked into his eyes i felt something it was weird and i didnt know what the feeling was and the 더 많이 time we spent together the 더 많이 i felt that way when i hit the age of 12 him and me shared our first 키스 it was like nothing i had ever felt before it was amazing. we stayed together for 4 years and on the 4th anerversary my world fell apart

i was on my way round to see him walking across the 거리 and i couldnt see any cars so i thought it was 안전한, 안전 to 십자가, 크로스

heya i needed some one to tell so today is mine and kyles anerversary and it would of been our...
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This can be a really hard 질문 to ask your parents. How can it be that their little girl is so grown up that she wants to have a boyfriend? They just can't comprehend it.

When 당신 like a guy and he likes 당신 it is normal that 당신 two go on a date. So, should 당신 ask your parents before going on the date?

The best thing to do is tell them, 또는 ask them. If 당신 don't and they find out, they may get mad and then punish 당신 and forbid 당신 from seeing your crush.

And what if they won't let me go out with him? Well then remain calm. Whatever 당신 do don't start throwing a fit and 연기 crazed. If...
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posted by reneemonique
I stand infront of the mirror,
Is that really me?
Am I realy that hideous?
I realy wonder what people see in me.

I walk back and forth,
My eyes tracing up and down,
It makes me want to throw up at the sight.

Does he loves me, he realy does.
But i cant see why?
I 그네, 스윙 my wrist at the mirror,
I watch the tiny pieces of glass floating down the ground,
The reflection is long gone.

The horrors still fixed in my mind.
Those horroible baby blue eyes staring back at me,
The anger rises, I can see them still,
Still shining, glisting through the shreds of glass.
On the floor.
It kill me to see.

My eyes glisten with...
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posted by xroylex
we all need 사랑 we all need that person that makes us smile, laugh, blush. but at the same time we dont need the 심장 break that comes with it. tey can make us sad, angry, and alone.

you meet that person and 당신 think sure im in 사랑 with them. but are 당신 really? 또는 do 당신 just 사랑 the idea of ebin in love?

what is love? is it holding hand?
taking midnight walks?
being with each other ?

should 사랑 be this complicated?

we all had that someone we tought we loved right?

what happens when they leave? 당신 trust them in everyway 당신 let them in just to have your insides ripped out....
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