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posted by lovergirl7
Main characters: 
Kerry- 14 
Dillon- 16

Other characters:
Parker- Kerry's little brother, Travis and Lukas's best friend- 10

Trevor- Dillon's little brother- 13

Lukas- Dillon's little brother, Travis and Parker's best friend- 10

Will- Dillon's little brother- 7

Lucy- Kerry and Dillon's neighbor, Sam and Travis's little sister- 9

Sam- Lucy and Travis's older brother, Kerry's best friend- 14

Travis- Lucy's older brother, Sam's little brother, Parker and Lukas's best friend- 10

(this whole story is in Kerry's POV)
Chapter 1
     I picked up the phone and called Sam. Sam has been my best friend since third...
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True 사랑 knows no bounderies. sigh. You'll never know what that means, unless you're me. True 사랑 doesn't care what one looks like. True 사랑 doesn't care who 또는 WHAT 당신 sre. I am probably the only one who fully understands this.

You're 사랑 could be the cute guy who smiles at 당신 in class, he could be the one who helped 당신 stand up after 당신 fallen. He could e you're best friend...Or someone who has truly been there all along, ectetra. Thats me. I'm an ectetera.

For those of 당신 that don't know me my name is Luna. My parents are hippy freaks who named my sister, Star, and I after natural...
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posted by TeamSongz4eva
당신 came walking my way
I don't what happpened
My 심장 happpened to be on my sleeve that day
Cause I had to 신고 a missing heart
A missing love...
Missing feelings
Yep that's right 당신 스톨, 훔친 my heart
And it's even worse cause 당신 just broke it into a million pieces
당신 got me on the floor gathering all these pieces...
Something not right...
I'm missing one big piece of my 심장
당신 know
당신 came back... And the pieces of my 심장 all fell back into place
Heartbreaker, Heartbereaker, Heartbreaker-- I 사랑 당신 sooo much.

posted by jbieberluver94
I gave 사랑 to someone and they never loved me back.Here is a poem I made about 사랑 -

Where is my heart?!?!?! Oh, With That Stupid guy That Threw It Away & Never Gave It Back
So I Could 사랑 Somebody Else

This poem means somebody that is so deeply in 사랑 with someone that dosen't 사랑 당신
back. It hurts. 당신 gave them half of your heart, (meaning all your love), But they still
don't care about 당신 in the same way. 당신 get so mad that 당신 call them stupid &
worthless even though 당신 don't mean it. This hurts 당신 & the guy 또는 girl and makes 당신
feel like your going to die. But...
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It has to be in spanish, I'm not very good in english. :/

El amor es divino, nada lo puede dañar, menos la tristesa.
Y contigo, estoy muriendo.
Me estas haciendo cortar...y no quiero hacer eso...pero, no puedo aguantar este dolor, como nada me hace alegre ahora que estoy enamorao de ti...quiero ser invisible enfrente de ti.
Cuando sonries, pienso que no tengo razon por ser vivo.
Que eres mejor que yo, y necesitas algo mas que yo...alguien mejor.
Estoy muy debil...estoy muy mal...mi corazon se para, cuando me miras.
Eres todo en mi mente. Eres todo en que pienso. Tus ojos, tu piel, el color de tu pelo tan corto...y todo lo que tu dice...las letras 봉고차, 반 en todo mi celebro.
El amor es divino...pero me duele cuando lo siento, y hace tiempo...que se que no me quieres...y hace tiempo, que...se que lo sepas.

Sorry for spanish. I'd try to translate to english, but I would fail xD
posted by halunik
I had no dreams and opened my eyes rested. As I gazed out the window – there was so beautiful sunrise! 담홍색, 핑크 and 제비꽃, 바이올렛 색깔 in a such contrast. I watched the clouds for several minutes, as they changed in sunshine and I felt so happy and light. The morning was calling me to take a breath of fresh air. I had no classes in the university, because of summer vacation now. So I had a lot of free time every 일 and I made myself busy with helping my mom, studying Portuguese 의해 myself, making photographs and dancing. I woke up at 6 am and went to run as I did every morning. The air was fresh,...
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posted by Alyssa2903
Stay here, when the summer light
Heralds the season we spent together
I'm staying here, 'cause I remembered
Your smile so bright

We agreed to this distance
For our dreams and for the future
But these tears won't stop
Why am I so sad?

I'm yearning, yearning, thinking of you
As little 의해 little the days bring us closer to our goals
Earnestly, earnestly, just as I am
I want the strength to make it through
But I miss you, and I can't be alone just yet

Together, each on our own road
Even if they don't always overlap
My love, I don't want to ever forget
The tenderness I found when I met you

The 사랑 당신 gave me
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posted by mccalamccool
summery:I witness a horrible 사랑 problem between Ashley (my friend) and Dakota (the boy I love) when my friend gets togther with the boy I love. part 2: I arrive 집 still very upset. my mom asks "whats wrong hun?" I say nothing! I'm fine! "Ok then" replys my mom. So I run into my room, lock the door and jump on the bed. I look in my one of my special books. I collected pictures of all my 프렌즈 and classmates. They are orginized 의해 alphibetical order. I look to the D section and see a picture of the boy I loved deeply. I feel tears fall from my eyes. "Why did this have to happen to me?"...
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posted by irena83
Sad and tired of
all the lies which
every guy gave to her
like the crown of

She's calm and all of
empty hopes
hides behind the veil
so nobody could see the
true her.
All of disappointments
she has been through.

She's cold but alive,
she has no faith,
it betrayed her a long
time ago.
Back there,
she turns into the past,
where she finds him,
the guy who gave his heart
only 의해 words,
not with soul,
not with love.
Oh she has been fooled

She still cherish
the 심장 he gave to her
like it's still hers,
oh but she never belonged
to him.
He never wanted her
사랑 like she wanted
and now all dreams
got smashed with that
cruel truth.

She will cry for him
every 일 and night,
and he won't even
remember how sweet
she was,
how pure her love

No,he won't remember,
he will look for another
soft heart,
because he's safe,
he's 안전한, 안전 where true 사랑 is,
and he will do it again,
he will be gone again.
posted by Passion_5
Perhaps if I have never encountered you, it would have been the best
If I had need been living in another world
If I had need to become strangers in life
It will not have been left with this inflicting pain in my heart

Each 일 & each 일 forgetting you
Each 일 & each 일 abandoned you
In the midst of my 심장 deeply concealing something that I can't really openly shout about of my love

It seems all along I have always thought that 사랑 was bliss & happiness
Unable to beyond words that 사랑 is heaven's render punishment
I just have to 사랑 당신 & my 심장 will shiver & tremble
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posted by irena83
He gives me a smile,
he allows me to fly.
I’m flying like a bird,
free and placid.
He gives me a strength,
i give him my mind.
My 심장 is full of his thoughts,
full of his brightness,
full of his silence.
But still,he’s like the ocean,
so deep and mysterious,
당신 can not find his soul
unless it finds you.
And i’m so 메리다와 마법의 숲 and such a coward
the same time,
i need him 더 많이 and more,
and i’m scared for he found my soul.
I wish to touch his hair,
to calm in his arms.
I want him to feel it in my eyes that my 사랑
will never betray him,
and i want him to be what he is already,
posted by AnonymousXXX
 This is what I imagine Amelia to look like.
This is what I imagine Amelia to look like.
Okay so I really hope 당신 like it!!! Thanks to shivers-zimmy, theinvisble_ and Sk8bordNewMoon for all your help and support! I hope 당신 guys like it!

Summer… 일 1, one big happy party?

“Be sure to be here on time before dinner. I won’t have 당신 looking like… Well, that.” My mother pointed to my clothes.

“Sure whatever 당신 say.” I said with just a hint of sarcasm that was just enough for her to notice.

“You listen here young lady 당신 are dam straight that it’s whatever I say and I will not have 당신 making a spectacle of this family.” She was definitely sent over the edge on...
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posted by TDIloverForever
The 다음 afternoon I decided to go out to the park where Seth was having a game there.
While I was at the park I was mostly with my friend Melissa.
"Hey Tara," Melissa started. "Are 당신 and Seth like together now?" She was staring at me.
"No.." I said wishing it wasn't true.
Melissa laughed.
"So he loves 당신 but your not going out with him? Everyone knows he just broke up with Jess for you!" Melissa practically shouted.
I shrugged. Melissa sighed and flipped her long dark blond hair out of her clear green eyes.
The game hadn't started yet, but I could see Seth and his team stretching on the soccer...
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posted by disneyboy122
I 사랑 you. Those are the words 당신 say to someone that 당신 truly care for. To have someone who cares for 당신 as well. To be with someone that loves 당신 as much as 당신 사랑 her 또는 him. The most difficult part of caring for someone is telling them how 당신 feel. Sometimes we wish that it would be easy. But we shouln't be afraid to say it. 당신 should speak up now because later it could be to late. I know, easier said than done. I've never had a girlfreind. I would like to though. Nobody wants to be lonley. we can't let fear of rejection stop us. If 당신 truly care for somebody, it means 당신 stand 의해 them no matter what. Through sickness, health, and even death. That is true love.
posted by Sydney113
I want a guy who would 옮기기 the hair away from my eyes then 키스 me,hold my hand while we're in line at the mall and make all the girls jealous.
Someone who would sing to me at 랜덤 moments.
A boy who would get really mad if someone called me ugly 또는 made fun of me.
I want someone who would call me three times a 일 if he went away.
Someone who would let me gossip to and then smile and agree.
He would throw stuffed 동물 at me when I acted dumb and then 키스 me a million times. Someone who would make fun of me just to make me laugh.
He would take me to the parkand put his arms around my...
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posted by coco96
당신 think 당신 see right through me, but evidently not through my heart! I I can only 사랑 당신 as much as i breathe, but thats still not enough for me! My feelings for 당신 are strong,... stronger than the gravity,that keeps the earth from plunging into the sun! Some say thats ALOT of love, but I still think that it doesn't describe,... the wonderful,exilerating feeling,that I get when i'm near 당신 또는 in your arms... it makes me want to cry the way i 사랑 you. the sad part is,... 당신 have no idea I feel this way,... im just one of the girls 당신 talk too... 당신 made me fall in 사랑 with 당신 .....
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posted by Thirteen13
Today all I can feel is heartbreak and the beat of the 808 drum calling time on my relationship. She was amazing: smart, caring, sweet, funny loving, beautiful and I have almost 로스트 her. She's a thousand miles away. Each 분 that tics 의해 without an answer is another blow to me. This pain has no prospect of relief. Comfort from 프렌즈 and 음악 is brief. It's getting darker.
Brief moments of happiness cannot be worth the pain right now. The problem is I saw this coming but could't prepare for it.

And now I am eking out my days, taunting myself with the 쓴, 쓰라린 and entirely useless consolation that I was right.

Who needs 사랑 if this is the outcome?
posted by Sephisis17
Ok, guys! This is my long forgotten hobby: 글쓰기 poems, it has been a while since I've wrote one, and just 분 이전 Leuron kinda "bugged me" into doing one. So I did and, for it not to be useless (like they all are), I'm posting it here. Enjoy (or not)! :)

My Love!
My 사랑 comes from a fantasy.
From a very distant land,
A land of peace and harmony,
Where everyone joins hands.

My 사랑 is awfully beautiful,
Green eyes, blonde hair,
I’ll never let go of her,
That, I honestly swear.

My 사랑 is the most beautiful,
The fairest her land has ever seen,
For there shall be no equal beauty,
Where she is 또는 she has been.

Maybe my 사랑 doesn’t truly exist,
It’s just my imagination,
Doesn’t exist in real life,
But someday I’ll find her,
And take her as my wife.

Vitor Martins AKA Sephisis17
posted by isabelle_905
From an 이메일 I got.


What is the difference between girls/woman aged: 8, 18, 28, 38, 48, 58, 68, and 78?

At 8 -- 당신 take her to 침대 and tell her a story.

At 18 -- 당신 tell her a story and take her to bed.

At 28 -- 당신 don’t need to tell her a story to take her to bed.

At 38 -- She tells 당신 a story and takes 당신 to bed.

At 48 -- She tells 당신 a story to avoid going to bed.

At 58 -- 당신 stay in 침대 to avoid her story.

At 68 -- If 당신 take her to bed, that'll be a story!

At 78 -- What story??? What bed??? Who the hell are you???
posted by EFiltness
 레이 Quinn
Ray Quinn
I know the typical type people fall for... Tall / Dark / Handsome.

However, I like the cute ones. The ones with a great personality whom other girls don't find sexy, (according to my consensus of school friends.) They find them cute but not sexy. I do find them sexy. I don't necessarily find rippling muscles sexy however if they have a cheeky grin and that naughty look in their eyes, 당신 bet, I fancy them. At the moment, these are the guys that sort of, to some extent fit that description:

1. 레이 Quinn - OH MY GOD! Got it all!
2. Sebastian Vettel - cute, funny
3. Jean-Baptiste Maunier - Great actor, cute
4. Samuel Barnett - see above
5. Ben Ellis - Great Singer / actor, cute
 Ben Ellis
Ben Ellis
 Sebastian Vettel
Sebastian Vettel
 Samuel Barnett
Samuel Barnett
 Jean Baptiste Maunier
Jean Baptiste Maunier