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posted by TW_FAN21
I couldnt find the link but I copied the text like forever ago...
100. Giggle.

99. Giggle and lick your lips.

98. Giggle, lick your lips, and then rub your belly all over.
97. Say things like, “Wow...you’re really strong and good,” and, “Sometimes I wish I was your 셔츠 so I could hug 당신 all day. Your 셔츠 is so lucky. [sigh]”

96. Flirt 의해 playing with your hair. (Games like Tic-Tac-Toe are easy as the hair can quickly be formed into X's and O’s on a sheet of notebook paper. 당신 may also make hair 인형 and hair bracelets!)...
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posted by RulerL0rd
No-one can tear us apart
I 사랑 당신 with all of my 심장
더 많이 than the moon
더 많이 than the stars
Longing forever to be where 당신 are
Cause I 사랑 당신 with all of my heart.
No-one can tear us apart
I feel nice and good
Only 의해 dreaming of 당신
For your 사랑 is the joy of my heart.

Come to me, 사랑 me,
당신 will always be ‘my own’.
Renouncing all others,
당신 will be just mine alone.
So come, I am waiting
From here i speak an other language,
I can't hear you,
I can't see you.
But I am waiting, my love.
Can't 당신 see what's happening?


And they don't have a clue?


He's taken his tole down to her, here's the problem, our trio's down to two.


The lovely sight of devotion, the care in all the blooms.

And with all this romantic atmosphere...disasters in the air!!!!!!!!!

Can't 당신 feel the 사랑 tonight?
To see the care I feel.
The world for once, in perfect harmony, with all of us in peace.

So much to tell, so much to speak, the truth about my past.....impossible! She turn away from.

He's holding back, he's hiding, in what I can't to see. Why can't he be one i think of him, the one in my dreams!


(Musical instruments)

Can't 당신 feel the 사랑 tonight,
our hope will soon be gone.
당신 and I in our place,
were we both belong.

And when he feels the 사랑 tonight,
I can hold back life.....

To find my wings and to see 당신 soon....

And spend my life with you!!!!!!
She was walking with her three friends, bailey, camron,and krista.She herd about some dance and it was the 8th grade dance,but she was not realy in to dances,but she absolutly could not wait till the prom,but she had at least 3 years till then.
She was walking down the school hall ways still with her friends,she had her 책 cupet tight in her arms,then her friend bailey said,
So do 당신 guys got a 날짜 to the dance yet.
Oh,i do,said camron.
With who,asked krista with a soft innocent voice?
ty,he ask me last night over the phone,and 당신 could not stop me from saying yes!
cool,what about 당신 krista,asked...
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So the girl 다음 to me had obviously resently been through a rough breakup. He face was splotchy and red. The girl 다음 to her, after hearing to details piped up and said, "There are plenty of 물고기 in the sea!"

This didn't help. The girl sniffed and sat up, wiping away another tear. She turned on her phone and began to go through her pictures. She found one she previously saved and read it aloud. "There's plenty of 물고기 in the sea... ? Yeah? Well 50% are girls, 30% are over 18, and 15% are under 10, which leaves 5% of the population. 2% of the remaining 물고기 are taken, and we haven't even gotten...
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posted by canal
 boy im 노래 about (not real person)
boy im singing about (not real person)
I took one look into your eyes
then i fell for all your childish lies
but can't 당신 relize i 사랑 당신 more
i took the time to find you
and i still have to remind 당신 your not alone
when your gone i feel like cryin
but im fed up with all your lyin
i always have remind that your not alone
chasing all your dreams but never come true
i'm looking out the window on a cold foggy night
and i barly ever see 당신 in plane sight
and the last thing i have to say is your not alone

So guys tell me what 당신 think thanks for 읽기 and peace out
Yes, 당신 may say everything happens for a reason but this was different in so many ways.
I used to listen to him mumbling and crying down the telephone, his eyes pouring full of salty tears as he explained his passionate 사랑 and how she broke his heart, over and over again and he never understood how much it hurt. He asked me to come over, so I did. After packs and packs of cookie dough 아이스크림 and a boring black and white movie, he was about to fall alseep. He looked at me, said "thanks" and gave me a 키스 on the cheek. I want to tell him, I want him to know that I don't want to be just...
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posted by reneemonique
I know how 당신 feel. Empty, betrayed, and no happiness what so ever. 당신 dont want to laugh, because 당신 know it's not going to help, but 당신 dont want to cry, because it will just make 당신 feel worse.

You feel like your 심장 is falling appart, but not only that, but 당신 know soon your life is going to feel like its falling appart too. 당신 don't think it will ever end, and no matter what this person has done to you, it feel's impossible to stop loving them.

And everyone wonders why if they have hurt 당신 so much, then why do 당신 still 사랑 them. That's the confusing part, 당신 don't know why,...
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 사랑 is not a pretty, wispy, fluffy 구름, 클라우드 of a feeling; something that floats happily along in calm, blue skies, only to be torn apart and scattered 의해 an angry gust of wind eventually.
Love is not a pretty, wispy, fluffy cloud of a feeling; something that floats happily along in calm, blue skies, only to be torn apart and scattered by an angry gust of wind eventually.
True Love, aka Agape ("selfless love", greek) - A verb 더 많이 than a noun. An action/commitment, not a feeling. True Love, though often associated with romance, is not always romantic...nor is it Romance in and of itself. True 사랑 goes far beyond romance. In fact, it's 더 많이 about friendship than romance. 장미 and candlelight come and go; but a deep friendship can last a lifetime.

It isn't about fireworks 또는 warm, fuzzy 나비 in your stomach. It's simply about knowing the best, the worst and the just-plain-weird about someone and sticking to them ANYWAY.

It can be between 프렌즈 and family...
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posted by nessienjake
Some people mean 더 많이 to us than others. There is no rhyme 또는 reason as to why one person should 또는 does mean more. It just is. People glide in and out of our lives, some quickly, some after long periods of time. Some people are like light breezes, sweeping in and out of our lives barely disturbing anything. These people can be easy to forget. Some people, however, are like hurricanes, ripping in and out of our lives leaving a path of destruction behind them. Hurricanes leave an imprint of themselves in everything they touch, integrating themselves into our lives and making it imI don't think...
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Hi there everyone!

I'm a writer and I'd 사랑 some international support for my 판타지 story that I already gave to my 가장 좋아하는 actor Colin 모건 personally as a gift. He inspired me for a certain character and it was given 더 많이 as a sign of gratitude for the inspiration rather than for him to read it. No idea if he ever would, but I just hope the effort I put into translating it just for him made him happy that day. What a brilliant actor ^^ Anyways - I've created a club and this account itself for communicating with future readers. I don't want to bother anyone with it, but how else could...
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posted by 알렉산더 리박
At this moment there are 6,470,818,671 people in the world. Some are running scared. Some are coming home. Some tell lies to make it through the day. Others are just not facing the truth. Some are evil men, at war with good. And some are good, struggling with evil. Six billion people in the world, six billion souls. And sometimes... all 당신 need is one .... <3

I 사랑 this text , sometimes I believe I will never find the right one , and I'm considering to give up 사랑 ...
But then when 당신 least expect it , when 당신 really need it 사랑 is over there ... Just keep hoping :)
posted by 알렉산더 리박
I can’t believe I’m standing here
Been waiting for so many years and
Today I found the 퀸 to reign my 심장
You changed my live so patiently
And turned it into something good and real
I feel just like I felt in all my dreams
There are 질문 hard to answer
Can’t 당신 see…

Baby, tell me how can I tell 당신
That I 사랑 당신 더 많이 than life!
Show me how can I show 당신
That I’m blinded 의해 your light!
When 당신 touch me I can touch 당신
To find out the dream is true!
I 사랑 to be loved 의해 you!

Your looking kind of scared right now
Your waiting for the wedding vows
But I don’t...
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posted by TDIloverForever
의해 the time I was almost back to normal, we were very high up in the air. A boy about my age came out of the back of the helicopter. He was very handsome, heartbreaking smile, had deep blue eyes and dirty blonde hair.
"Hello, I'm 당신 instuctor for today," he said. "I'm James." He held out his hand.
I shook his hand and said, "I'm Tara."
"Hello Tara." James said smiling. My name sounded so perfect when he said it. He turned to Abby.
"And your are..?" he asked.
"Abby," she answered quickly.
I smiled. He was so good looking, I couldn't stand it. And when he smiled, my 심장 skipped a beat.. this is...
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posted by I_love_Mikey
I don’t understand love, and I don’t think anyone ever has 또는 will. Emotion is such a complex thing, and hatred is passionate, and strong, and almost unbreakable – nothing can touch true hatred. Nothing can touch it at all; nothing can touch it but love. 사랑 is stronger than anything this world can offer, and unfortunately this world greatly lacks it. 사랑 is something that can affect anyone and anything.

    Love also leaves 당신 irrational – it’s debatable, however, because some people think that 사랑 can leave 당신 seeing clearer than anything ever has. But what...
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posted by everjoy
He stares at 당신 a lot- He hits 당신 a lot(playfully)- He uses the first thing that pops into his head to start a converstaion with you- He yelled, "HI"to your mom that 일 she picked 당신 up from schoo- He blew off his buds to go see "Brown Sugar" with 당신 cuz 당신 couldn't get another girl pal to go and didn't want to go alone- He tries to make 당신 laugh anyway even if he gets hurt in the process- His voice gets softer when ever 당신 two talk-You hung up on him. He called 당신 back- 당신 where invited 의해 him to a group outin- He called 당신 to talk about nothing at all.- He imitates your laugh Which...
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I woke up in the morning only feeling 더 많이 lazy.I wished that I could sleep more.But before I could think of anything else,I heard my mom's voice-

"Liana,Don't even think of going back to sleep!!" She commanded.

"I won't mom" said I.

"Just get up quickly and get ready for school 또는 else 당신 will be late" Mom shouted as if I was deaf.

"Just give me a break mom" I said.

BTW my name is Luciana.Big name, right? Wait till 당신 hear my full name.Actually my name is Luciana Lucinda Gruen.My parents and 프렌즈 call me Liana.Liana is my nickname.Everybody calls me liana except for my brother.As if Liana...
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Ok a few steps if 당신 wanna do flirting, dating, 키싱 and getting a 날짜 with the one whome 당신 love....

Step 1. 당신 gotta know 당신 spouse be 프렌즈 be good 프렌즈

Step 2. When your good 프렌즈 with your spouse try flirt a little try to do a little try not to do a lot of flirting cause when u get too freaky and weird that's when your relationship goes down that'll make 'em wanna walk away if it goes wrong that's ok it's your first try just try it again in 5 days give 'em a few days to forget what happened that 일 then try it again only different try not to go crazy

Special tip: before...
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posted by gublerlover1
the rain like tear drops falling from my eyes
landing on the ground
the pain is deep
as i think about how we had everything
how 당신 were so full of life
how 당신 made me smile when i was sad

i remember walking side 의해 side
and ill never forget how your skin felt
and i will always remember the 사랑 we shared
and no matter what i will never for get that day
when 당신 fell to the ground i did to
for i knew the treatment didn't work
and i would lose you
we rushed to get 당신 help
the news sliced deep
as the words came out the doctors mouth
it was as if a 칼, 나이프 had been stuck in to my heart

and now i sit in the grass
surrounded 의해 the smell of roses
and the soft sobs around me
sitting in front of a stone
with 사랑 always carved below 당신 name
with those same rain like tear drops
poring from my eyes
The way I feel my 심장 beating

Is the way you'd touch a Drum.

It beats.

The way I feel the keys

Is the way 당신 touch my heart.

It's harmonic.

The way I feel the 잔디 underneath my back

Is the way 당신 touch my hand.

It's soft.

The way I feel about Scary movies

Is the way 당신 touch me when I'm scared.

당신 Give me a hug.

The way I feel about 당신 leaving

Is the way 당신 touched me in the end.

당신 pushed.

The way I feel the cold ground

Is the way 당신 touch the sky.

당신 have no limits.

I feel my heart, I press the keys, I held your hand 당신 hugged me when it was frightening. And then 당신 left me.

당신 beat the drum 당신 sang the song 당신 held my hand 당신 held me tight inside your arms, I trusted you. But then 당신 left me, and shattered my 도자기 heart.