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So far 당신 can't download this video yet but here is what happend in words

Kingdom Hearts: Birth 의해 Sleep (PSP) DKΣ3713 Event Trailer Summary:

Castle courtyard, Aqua is dancing, Ven and Terra are watching. Someone approaches from the entrance, and the three gather.

Castle of Dreams.
Ven is running around holding a blue ball.
Lucifer (The cat in Cinderella) pounces on 상단, 맨 위로 of Ven.
Mouse yells, "Watch out! Run away into the house!"
(It's the 쥐, 마우스 from Cinderella, not Mickey.)

Sleeping Beauty World (?)
Maleficent: "Those who do not have any darkness, seven of pure light――"
Maleficent: "To collect...
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posted by khfan12
Aqua is a character from the upcoming game Kingdom Hearts: Birth 의해 Sleep.

While Aqua's name means 'water' in Latin, Kairi's name means 'sea' in Japanese. Any connection between the two is unconfirmed, however similar name meanings also apply with Sora and Ven, and with Riku and Terra.

Kingdom Hearts II Filmatics

She first appears as a young, blue-haired female knight who fights alongside Ven and Terra in the secret ending movie of Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix+. She is the first to be unmasked when her 헬멧 gets smashed after being thrown to the ground in battle. She and Ven briefly take on...
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posted by The-man
I know there hasn't been a lot of news lately but there will be a games event in 일본 soon and Square Enix has been confirmed to appeare but wetheare KH will appeare has to be announced.
If KH does make an appearence though I guess this what we'll see:
Aqua: There is a strong possibility that there will finally be a playable demo of Aqua and when there is I'll give 당신 a review
Trailer: As in every event ther will be a new trailer wether I can get a video I don't know because the KH trailers are always in video restricted theaters
Release Date: We already have 2009 as a Japanese 날짜 but there will probably 의해 a 월 chosen aswell.
358/2 Days: I know its not BBS but because its out in Feb in 일본 there will probably 의해 a cover art shown and I'll post it
[b]TGS 일 One Roundup[b]

Still planned for a 2009 release window for Japan.

The trailer at TGS hasn't changed much from the trailer presented at DΣS3713 Party

Some gameplay footage of Aqua was shown. She floats and uses the Keyblade without touching it, much like that of Sora's Final Form from KHII.

Cutscenes featuring Aqua in 성 of Dreams as well as the Snow White World is shown.

The Unbirths are said to be much quicker than the Heartless and are animated extremely well to be twitchy and nervous in appearance.

The Playable Demo seems to be the exact same one from the DΣS3713...
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posted by The-man
alright so here is what was seen of BBS in the demo with a video and actualy playing it

Terra in 마법에 걸린 사랑 Kindom

Terra: "Is it the ambers* Master spoke of..."

Defeat the ambers*, 옮기기 across a bridge, toward the castle.

Fight a boss called the Wheel Master and his demo ends.

Ventus in the 성 of Dreams
(Ven is smaller, similar sized to the mouse.)

Mouse: "It's the king of the castle."

Mouse: "All the daughters of the country are invited to the ball being held tonight."

Ven: "Does 신데렐라 get to go too?"

Mouse: "Well..."

Mouse: "Madame Tremain is wicked, she said without a dress, 신데렐라 couldn't...
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