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Kim Possible Based on the ending of Graduation, would 당신 say that Shego/Drakken is canon?

14 fans picked:
I'm not sure
 zanhar1 posted over a year ago
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MalloMar picked I'm not sure:
I want to say yes.
I sort of tried to not ship this, but...Okay, fine. Guilty fan. I like this couple and no one can tell me otherwise. -_-
posted over a year ago.
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zanhar1 picked Yes:
I'm not too sure myself. But I feel like it was kind of hinted that they were; I mean between the bit with them going for the hug, Warmonga taking jabs at how "you were threatened by my arrival", Kim's "see, you do care", and eventually the flower hug in the end. I mean up until that point the flower-vine-thing, only moved at Drakken's command.
posted over a year ago.
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harm123 picked Yes:
I ship it
posted 2 months ago.