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I know that this 기사 is different from the others and sorry about this...From the 제목 anyone can understand that I want to make a new game with characters from KINGDOM HEARTS!!!Sora was sleeping after a long time when he defeated Xemnas!He saw a strange dream...he was with Mickey and at the moment Mickey felt down!!!When he got up,he met Donald and then Donald said him that his dream wasn't a dream and his king is dead 의해 a shadow!!!! At this game the bad guys were a new organization XIII with the name "Blacks" and their boss Ansem.Sora made a new group with the name "Blanks"."Blanks" must defeat "Blacks" to make the peace again to the worlds and bring back King Mickey!!! I WANT YOUR OPINION.WILL THIS STORY SUCCEED???
posted by roxasismine23
Act 1, Scene 1

Two twins, alike in all. Eyes of blue, hair of blonde, one called Larxene, the other Roxas. Of noble birth were they, but content with their life were they not. They wanted adventure and together set out on the journey that is our story.....

They boarded a ship to take them across the sea from their 집 country to an allied country they had heard of. As they sailed, a storm of great power capsized their boat. The first parting of the twin since birth, pulled them far away from each other. Their last desperate cries unheard.
Larxene opened her eyes on unfamiliar shores. Her...
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Larxene: 저기요 Deanxra, Xion
Xion: What?
Larxene: 당신 want to sneak into the boys room
Deanxra: What?
Larxene: 당신 know for a little fun
Xion: I don't know what if we-
Deanxra: count me in
Xion: Huh?!
Larxene: So how about it Xion?
Xion: No I'm going to slee-
Larxene: what if 당신 can be with Roxas while he's sleeping?
Xion: (suddenly stops)
Larxene: so do 당신 want to 가입하기 us?
Xion: Okay
At the boys side
Larxene: see we're not caught
Deanxra: Yeah guess so, wait where's Xion?
Larxene: I think I know where she is, follow me
Deanxra: Okay
At Roxas' Room
Xion: (Roxas is really cute when his sleeping)
Roxas: zzzzzzz
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This is the thrid video in a long line of tributes to the members of Organization XIII. This tribute is to Marluxia.
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A tribute to Organization XIII with the song Almost Human.
organization xiii
organization xiii tribute
VIZ Media

"Welcome to the 성 that never was girls!" axel anounced as they exited the portal into a large white room.
"I 사랑 당신 성 wall!" gracie cheered and hugged the nearest wall.
"I 사랑 당신 axel!" steph cheered and hugged the nearest axel.
"ack! let-go!" axel tried, once again, to pry steph off.
"Well, well" a voice said from behind them "might i ask who this girl your hugging is?"
axel turned to face saix.
"hugging?!? who said i was huging her?!? why WOULD i hug her?!?! shes always hugging me!! couldnt she just go and hug someone else!?! why do i have to be so amazing!!!"...
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