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Have 당신 remember the song on K-ON! Season 1?well if 당신 remember.good.But i want too make review about Album On K-On! Season 1

Cagayake! Girls
1. Cagayake! GIRLS
2. Happy!? Sorry!!
3. Cagayake! GIRLS (Instrumental)
4. Happy!? Sorry!! (Instrumental)

Dont say "lazy"
1. Don't say "lazy"
2. Sweet 쓴, 쓰라린 Beauty Song
3. Don't say "lazy" (Instrumental)
4. Sweet 쓴, 쓰라린 Beauty Song (Instrumental)

K-ON! Original Sound Track
01-. Have some tea
02-. Morning dew
03-. Isoge Isoge!
04-. Kawaii Inbou
05-. Ni Piki no Koneko
06-. Ii Yume Mite ne
07-. Cotton candy
08-. Virtual love
09-. Tanpopo Takkyubin
10-. Ukkari Kimi no Tame...
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 Mio,Ritsu and Azusa being nervous
Mio,Ritsu and Azusa being nervous
Miss Sawako was in the teacher's office finishing up the last of her work,and was going to the clubroom for some rewarding 차 "okay.." she said stretching her arms "time to go to the clubroom for some 차 a-"


"whoa! what was that!?" Miss Sawako got surprised,i mean really surprised and curious as to why her student would shout "hmm...time to investigate,its not likely for them to shout like that..." so she immediately went her way to the clubroom to investigate AND to scold them for shouting so loud
"H-h-how? W-w-w-what?" was all Azusa could say,fear and surprise still lingers...
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