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posted by Gurunath
It is now 53 years since JFK was assassinated in Dallas. I have read so many articles, 책 and publications but tthere is no truth come out as to who actually fired those ffatal shots on the right side of JFKs head? All the theories are just showing that Lee Harvey Oswald killed JFK from the Texas Book Depot. How this is possible as the Texas Book Depot is located behind JFK when these fatal shots were fired from the right side of JFK? As can be seen from the 비디오 these fatal shots were fired from the grassy knoll as a matter of fact. Lee Harvey Iswald could not have been both in the Texas Book Depot as well as in the Grassy knoll at the same time. So, there have been killers but without their names made officially who killed JFK.
posted by kathiria82
I started the John F. Kennedy spot in order to remember our 35th U.S. President. The main reason I'm 글쓰기 this is to discuss the video of his assassination. I have not and will not ever post that video because not only is it graphic but it is very devastating to watch. I am asking that if anybody joins this spot, please do not ever post that video. I understand that everyone is entitled to their views and if 당신 disagree with my opinions, feel free to comment. I just feel like we are here to remember the legacy of his life not his death.