JK Rowling and Rick Riordan! Character Quotes!!

MCF2000 posted on Jul 11, 2011 at 04:15PM
Post ur fav quote frm RR and JK
Like I did here V

RR: "Chicken Man! Get the Moose!" - some random little girl, Red Pyramid
JKR: "Come on Father, Harry doesn't want to talk to us right now he's just to polite to say so." Luna, DH

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over a year ago ArtemisDiana said…
They both have so many great quotes!

RR:"Let us find the dam snack bar," Zoe said. "We should eat while we can."
Grover cracked a smile. "The dam snack bar?"
Zoe blinked. "Yes. What is funny?"
"Nothing," Grover said, trying to keep a straight face. "I could use some dam french fries."
Even Thalia smiled at that. "And I need to use the dam restroom."
I started cracking up, and Thalia and Grover joined in, while Zoe just looked at me. "I do not understand."
"I want to use the dam water fountain," Grover said.
"And..." Thalia tried to catch her breath. "I want to buy a dam t-shirt."
JKR:"Brilliant! It's Potions last thing on Friday! Snape won't have the time to poison us all!"
"There's no need to call me sir Professor"
over a year ago MCF2000 said…
big smile
Love the dam thing haha!! Who said the JKR quotes? i dont remember.