Jewel Jewel wearing a burqa

ElBorto posted on Jan 09, 2009 at 12:15AM
I saw a video she did where she's wearing one of those things before pulling it off; my girlfriend, who is usually very "up" on pop culture, says it was someone else.

Could someone help me out here? What song was it?

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over a year ago amandaj said…
I see that it's been a while since you posted, so maybe you already know. Anyways, just in case: The song you're looking for is probably "Break Me". In the music video Jewel "changes". or what I should call it, to different persons. Around 2:15 two girls are covered with a burqa, stands up, and takes it off, revealing Jewel underneath. You can watch the music video link Here's a photo thing I did to illustrate my lousy explanation, but image uploading here on fanpop still got some trouble so: link
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over a year ago ElBorto said…
thank you - it sure is the video in question! it's amazing - I've posted this question on a couple of other sites; while I still await a response on one, on the other, Ive been called everything from a male chauvinist (who wants to see women veiled) to a downright terrorist.

Sigh. At least ONE person out there is cool enough to know what I was talking about. Thanks again!

over a year ago amandaj said…
Some people obviously got some problems. I didn't find anything wrong with your question (and I'm a girl if that makes a difference :P ) It's a straightforward question that I don't think people should have a problem answering. You were asking after a song/music video, and some people think that calling you a male chauvinist and terrorist is's not like you were asking for a bomb recipe! People tend to overreact and take everything out of context these days it seems... Anyways, you're welcome :)
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