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Jessie (Toy Story) What movie did 당신 like Jessie better in?

38 fans picked:
Toy Story 3
Toy Story 2
 kenzieiscool posted over a year ago
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MovieManiac95 picked Toy Story 3:
Toy Story 2 - Too... Whiny. All about her (LIKE WOODY)
Toy Story 3 - She was more..Natural
posted over a year ago.
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kenzieiscool picked Toy Story 3:
I agree with you moviemaniac95
posted over a year ago.
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jessie1999 picked Toy Story 3:
she likes buzz in three
posted over a year ago.
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knuxlvr2222 picked Toy Story 2:
boooo... toy story three stunk! **throwing rotton fruit** that ruined toy story repretation!!! they might have well put her in sesemie street! it was tarible. she was much better and expresive of her emotion in toy story 2. plus she and buzz don't fit at all. D=<
posted over a year ago.
last edited over a year ago
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anna01235456 picked Toy Story 3:
great movie
posted over a year ago.