Jeremy Brett Is this true about Jeremy Brett?

Holmes001 posted on Dec 29, 2010 at 05:12PM
Hopefully this fansite can help me with my enquiry on Mr. Brett.

I was reading up on Jeremy Brett on Wikipedia and stated something that was shocking to me. His first wife claims that Brett left her for another man as is told in her 2006 autobiography, “Anna Massey, Telling Some Tales”. I find peculiar stranger that after all these years she reveals that Jeremy Brett had romances with men to the public. I understand that he was a private man and he is dead. Could this be true or is this blatant lie to sell copies of her book as well some payback for him leaving her. him by saying it was affair with a male.

I realize that many of his Brett’s fans would not see this as bad thing since society taken a favorable view of same sex relationships, though I am not one of them.

I am curious as to know what serious fans of Jeremy Brett know about this topic.
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over a year ago Frazeree said…
Well I know that he was bisexual, but I think that his wife just claimed that he had an affair with another man. He was only slightly interested in men. As you said, she probably claimed that to get publicity for her book.
over a year ago Holmes001 said…
Thanks I appericate the response. One thing though how you know he truly bisexual. Which crediable sources says he was?