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Anyone remember this game?
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"THUNDERBALL" (1965) Review

I had just viewed the 1965 Bond movie, "THUNDERBALL" for the first time in several years. And I can see why this movie is considered to be one of my all time 가장 좋아하는 Bond flicks. But I do not think I can state why in one 또는 two sentences.

“THUNDERBALL” turned out to be director Terence Young’s third and last Bond film. Most Bond 팬 consider it to be his least superior film, but I consider it to be his 초 best, following 1963’s “FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE”. The story was based upon an unfinished script called “Warhead”, co-written 의해 Ian Fleming,...
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"GOLDFINGER" (1964) Review"

Ever since its release in 1964, the James Bond movie, "GOLDFINGER" has been regarded as one of the best ever in the franchise. In fact, it is considered 의해 many Bond 팬 as the franchise's definitive film, considering that it 더 많이 또는 less created what is known as "the Bond formula".

The 1959 Ian Fleming novel, upon which the movie is based, is also highly regarded 의해 some fans. However, others believe that the movie is an improvement on the literary version. While I agree that the movie, "GOLDFINGER" is an improvement over the novel, I have a rather low opinion of...
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