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posted by LionLamb1918
Whenever she saw him with the Vega girl, it made her hurt.

It also, made her jealous. She shouldn't be, of course. He loved her 더 많이 than anything, but she couldn't help the feeling that ignited everytime he talked to her. He thought nothing of it.

It wasn't the coffe spill that made her hate Tori. It was the way he had been ok with it. He was ok with the way she had been rubbing him? He was ok with another girl touching a part of his body, no matter how innocent?

She shouldn't just be hating Vega. Outside her 원, 동그라미 of friends, all the girls were lusting after Beck. He was, of course, the most...
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posted by Clara_Valentina
This is the same story, it's just that I corrected some typos. You'll see, I'm Latina, so, English isn't my first language, so, I make a lot of mistakes with spelling and grammar, and because of some strange reason, I'm totally unable to notice it until its already 게시됨 and I read it as if it was someone else's. And my computer died, and the last thing I did with it was posting this, so when I was 읽기 it with the lovely help of Wi-Fi and my cell phone, I read it and find the mistakes. Now my lap-top is back.

So, here 당신 go, a (hopefully) typo-free Bade story.
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