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posted by dollyluvsjw2010
This is my fave book! I 사랑 it so much that i have named my 8 월 British- shorthair kitten: Pearl after the main character, 11 년 old, Pearl Wells. It is about Two very close sisters; Pearl and Jodie. Jodie is 14 and bold, brash and bad [ quoted from the blurb]. Pearl is 11 and is quieter and 더 많이 of a bookworm. Their parents apply for a job at victorain boarding school, Melchester College and get accepted. Jodie is usually the one people want to make 프렌즈 with, but Pearl is the one who has friends: Tall, eccentric Harley and Harriet and her gang.

Sadly, Jodie throws herself out of a window and breaks her neck and sadly passes away. I rate the book 5 STARS. I really hope that Jacky makes a sequel to this amazing story!!
posted by UnicornComet191
Ok so most of 당신 who had looked at my last post knows i'm a bad singer. But hey! This is my music!!! And also please leave a 코멘트 on what 당신 thought! 😊MEEEEEEEEMMMMEEEESSSSS!!!!😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊
YAAAAAAYYYYY MEEEEEMMMMMEEEESSSS!!!! 사랑 MEEEEEMMMMEEEESSSSS!!!!!!!! Memes are what keep me sane with corona around!!!!!!!!! Tell me if 당신 agree.
사랑 당신 all (in a family way) and I am AMAZING!!!!!!!!!
My fave song is Mr bombbastic 의해 shaggy.
I hate people who are mean 코멘트 if 당신 agree.
I 사랑 most of your posts especially the cute doggy one.
posted by JaquelineWilson
Katy, is one of the best 책 jaqueline has EVER made. Katy Is looking after her sisters and brothers while her dad and step mum go on a date. She puts on her step mum's clothes, plays with her make up, breaks her high heels and ruins her bedsheets. She cannot go swimming in discrase, so she goes to the secret garden to make a rope swing, but she did not tie it tight enough...

This book really lasted me long and at the end, I screamed and told myself to wait until she makes a part 2! Really an amazing book, 당신 inspire me, jaqueline.
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posted by annorr2011
Hi I'm Anna and i am 10 years old.I have had a hectic life so far let me tell you.I have been in my dads grandads car but it didn't end well i was asleep 다음 to my neese and i woke up upside down still in the car hanging from my seatbelt!!!!! I was cold and scared the police and 구급차 came the police investigated and the paramedics checked us all over.The 다음 fact is that my nan that was in the car accident,way before when it happened she put the cat in the washing machine sadly it died but she has a cute dog now.I have an uncle called Kenzo and he is 9 days younger than me.The 다음 fact is that when i was 5 my dad dropped some hotdogs down the train station stairs and had to get new ones.
posted by Vxlerie_
I have a story for 당신 Jacky!I hope 당신 make a book like this so this is the story also its probaly for older readers but its your choice xx also 당신 can change some bits and the 제목 and I would be honestly grateful if 당신 made this book so this is it: This girl called Addison has parents that are not together and her dad has : His oldest (Adalyn) and Adalyn is from a different mom to Addison but same dad and Addison has a older brother (Nolan) and he has a different dad to Addison but same mum .Then Addison has 2 other siblings (Summer and Kevin they are also both are younger then Addison...
continue reading...
posted by UnicornComet191
Hi there I am ...... (dots because of online safty) I am .... years old. I always loved Jacqline Wilson since i was 3 yeas old!!!!💕💕💕💕. Now i am smart but my fave meme is I has a bucket!!!!!!! Now good night 또는 Moring 또는 afternoon. Nevermind i have 6 더 많이 things to say.
1. I 사랑 the boy band BTS. #Love BTS
2. I have 3 siblings: one sister and two brothers
3. I m fostded
4. I am a TERRIBLE singer. 😢
5. I hate Coronavirus!!!!!!
6. I have a boyfriend

jacqueline wilson
posted by mahrous
jacqueline wilon is a great author.she has sold over 30 million books.she is fantastic.I hope she continues 글쓰기 더 많이 soon.she has published The worry website,The illustrated mum,Clean break,Vicky angel,Totally jacqueline wilson and more.she is the most borrowed author.she writes for children and adults.she wrote crime novels and there was a magazine about her.she wrote tracy beaker 책 and now they are made into 텔레비전 episodes and trust me 당신 don't want to miss it!!.jacqueline wilson wrote Dusbin baby and now it is made into a movie!!
OK, so we've had 'who drinks wee?' 'who lives down the drain?' and 'What colour are Patrick's pants from spongebob?'. What sort of 퀴즈 질문 are these? And on the Jacqueline Wilson spot??!! If 당신 really feel the need to post such disgusting and weird things post it on the 랜덤 spot 또는 something!

We've also had a 질문 asking, 'Who would 당신 rather date, Robert Pattinson 또는 Taylor Lautner?' STOP IT PLEASE! Remember that 당신 are on the Jacqueline Wilson spot!

*What is 팬팝 coming to?*
jacqueline wilson