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posted by Charlieminster
Jake and I have been together 3 years now and after all my dreaming about the perfect wedding it was planned and happening today in 5 hours.
Aunt Alice, Mom and Aunt Rosaile were helping me get ready for the biggest and happiest 일 of my life. As Aunt Alice was doing my hair i said "Oh my God i could die i'm so nervous, help me calm down please?"
"well" she said with a massive grin on her pretty face "I'm pretty sure 당신 won't die unless 당신 rip yourslef to pieces and burn them." she laughed. Then Mom walked in and said "Nessie,Honey are 당신 ok?"
"No" I said "I'm real nervous Mom"
"I know...
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posted by Charlieminster
When we got back 집 Uncle Emmett and Aunt Alice where playing Chess, which i guess would be pretty easy for Aunt Alice because she could forsee all the moves Uncle Emmett was going to make and the game was finished within 3 mins of them starting.
Jake turned up 5 mins after we got 집 which was normal because Jake didn't like being at the Cullen's house unless I am there. Jake's and Aunt Rosaile's relationship had not improve but it was mostly Aunt Rosaile making a fuss about everthing Jake does and she doesn't see why Jake can't leave me alone, and to be honest i can't ither but i wouldn't want him to go anywhere. Daddy said it had something to do with Imprinting but i don't really understand what that is but he says he will explain it to me when i'm older.

I hope 당신 enjoyed the 다음 pert of Life after Breaking dawn please leave a 코멘트 after 읽기 it. I'm sorry but there won't be another one for at least 5 days. 사랑 당신 guys xxxx
posted by Charlieminster
As we were hunting Jake decide he wanted a competion to see who could catch the biggest deer and Daddy won as usual but Momma was close to beating him.
when we got back to the house Momma said to me "Honey, do 당신 want to go and see Grampa Charlie?"
"Yeah,I wanna go and see Grampa but will Daddy be coming with use?" I asked her not really wanting to go with out him.
"Of course he is coming with us,Nessie,Why wouldn't he?" she replied
"I just wanted to know if he was 또는 not" I said knowing i had asked a stupid 질문 as Momma and Daddy where always together.Just then Daddy came in through the...
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posted by Charlieminster
I was loving my life now I got to go outside when I wanted, Daddy taught me things like Maths, English,Drama,sicene and Music, Best of all I got to spend as much time as I wanted with Jacob.
It was a sunny afternoon and I was playing tag with Aunt Alice,Jacob,Uncle Emmett and Momma-but Momma dropped out so she could go and find Daddy-Jacob always wanted to be it so we always let him it wasn't very easy for him considering we us Cullen were much faster than him. When Jacob finaly caught me he picked me up kissed me on the cheek and said "Got ya,Nessie,You'll have to be faster 다음 time." He...
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posted by renessme78
uh! i have neverwrote an 기사 before so here it goes ! the other 일 i was on a site called bellas diary .com and they had diarys of other people in the book like jacob and renessme and so i read both there diarys and i have to say that i 사랑 renesmee.She is such a cool girl i mean she likes to play the 기타 she loves to hang around were 늑대 even know she is a vampire.and while i was 읽기 that they call renessme nessie cause that is the name jake called her when she was born and i thought that was so cool.And when nessie went on a 날짜 jake followed her and she got so mad and when she kept talking and talking and finally he just straight up kissed her and he told me that he didnt want to stop 키싱 her but then he pulled away and that is how the whole realationship started. So i have to go 의해 have a fun time reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!