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Put your iTunes on shuffle, type the first 25 artists, no skipping because 당신 don't want them there. Answer the questions.

1) Marianas Trench
2) 파라모어
3) Seven Story Fall
4) The Maine
5) Hollywood Undead
6) All Time Low
7) New Found Glory
8) The Scene Aesthetic
9) Fall Out Boy
10) Owl City
11) Panic! At The Disco
12) Jimmy Eat World
13) We The Kings
14) The Academy Is..
15) This Providence
16) The Swellers
17) B.o.B
18) Death In The Park
19) Estelle
20) There For Tomorrow
21) Mayday Parade
22) Katy Perry
23) 코브라 Starship
24) Boys Like Girls
25) The Cab

What was the first song 당신 ever heard...
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Water 또는 tea? tea
Meat 또는 no? meat
Chikfila 또는 McDonalds? chickfila
Curly 또는 straight hair? curly
Painted nails 또는 natural? natural
Religious 또는 not? religious
Do 당신 know what 당신 want to be? yes
What was your childhood dream job? teacher

Are 당신 in MS, HS, 또는 college? HS
Still in it, 또는 dropped out? still in
Enjoy HS :D 또는 can't wait to leave xP? cant wait to leave
School is easy, hard, 또는 middle? middle
Prefer advanced classes 또는 regular? regular
Does your school suffocate 당신 또는 allow free will? suffocate
Favorite class? computer and spanish
Least 가장 좋아하는 class? science
Most challenging?...
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Male 또는 Female? Female.

Age? Seventeen.

What is the 1st album 당신 bought with your own money? Probably either the Backstreet Boys 또는 Nysnc, haha.

What was the format of the album? (tape cassette? Vinyl record? CD? 8-track? etc..) CD.

What is the 1st album 당신 ever had? I think it was Hilary Duff.

What is the 1st 음악회, 콘서트 당신 saw? Can't Remember.

What is the 1st musician 당신 had a crush on? Gerard Way...I think.

What is the 1st band that made 당신 사랑 music? Paramore. I've always loved music, but they really got me into loving it even more, and even wanting to make 음악 of my own.

Name at least...
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Ok so here's chapter two. Just a warning this chapter contains some violence. Nothing too graphic, but just warning 당신 ahead of time.


Some people say love's like a bullet to the brain. The further in 사랑 당신 fall the 더 많이 deattached 당신 become from the things that once meant so much to you. 사랑 sometimes makes 당신 do crazy things. Some people just go to any length for love. Some people go too far...


"Thanks for being there for me last night." Josh said walking into the kitchen.

"Here." I offered...
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헤일리 윌리엄스
zac farro
someone is calling 당신
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