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posted by Jt_SwagDope
First of all I hate her...nah I'm jp but dis my bestfrien she beautiful, funny, mean as hell LOL but I 사랑 her anywayzz she cool tho keep me smilin stayin on ma mind
She annoyin always keep it lookin good dohh keep dese niqqas wantin some no judgement doh lmao always sayin she gone beat my 나귀, 엉덩이 (it's still ain't happen) she always sayin fuck me (dat ain't happen either unfortunatly) LOL she always wanna know what #1 & #3 issss cause she kno she was lovin #2 ;) lmao id hate to loose her cause we gone always be cool and drama freeeeeeee she always callin me 괭이 doh which I don't appreciate...
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posted by Bella_Babez
Soo, Yesterday iFound Out Whoo My Real 프렌즈 Are! True Friends, Don't Get Mad For Simple Lil' Shit. Obviously, Fake 프렌즈 Do. True 프렌즈 Don't Sit &&' Say Dumb &&' Unnecessary Shit, If That's Thaa Case, Tf' 당신 Talk To 또는 About Me For? Get Me Tf Of Your Mind, Erase My Ass! Never, Tell Someone Your Weaknesses, Cause I'm Damn Sure They'll Be The First To Use It Against Yo Ass! Nowadays, Youu Gotta Straight Face These Damn Hoes ! Don't Let Them Get To Youu Just Brush Them Off &&' They Officially Your New Hater. Sooner 또는 Later Your "Friends" Become Enemies & Your Enemies Become Friends. Remember That!

~When 당신 Read This Youu Knoww Damn Well Who Tf Youu Are So Don't Play Stupid 또는 Dumb Cuz Yo' 나귀, 엉덩이 Will Go On Blast~
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Well dis chick acts like she ma big sis (even doh she the same fuckin age as me-_-) she is annoying and mean asf
See she tryna kill me in the back of her mind right now.........
STOP THE VOILENCE! (I spelled that wrong)
Anywho she been though fp dramanism twice
And we have never been in a fight yet *does the running man*
Yea remind me Neva to do that again
But anyways she is fucking a turd cause she won't write nothing in my club but FUCK YOUU DEN!
If 당신 say when tommorow at 12
Fine fine I was jpppp
Soo luv u some what

Ps. If 당신 don't 사랑 me back again fuck youuuu

당신 still here????
posted by Isabella_17
I Wish I Had A Brother 또는 A Sister Like Foreal Everyone Else Has Siblings & Im All Fucking Alone. I wish I Had My Real Mom When I Need Her Ughh Its Been 11 Years Without My Mom For All Ik She Could Be Fucking Dead I Have No Dad And Never Will I Wish People Wouls Leave Me Tf Alone When I Wanna Be Alone. I Wish I Hadda Better Life Than This One I Wish I Can Juat Restart And Change Thing Ugh, I Just Wanna Know That My Mom Knows That I Miss Her & Wish She'd Come Back Just Soo I Can Fill Her Un On Everything Fml My Life Is And Has Been Ruined Ever Since She Left Me & My Dad Died No Ihne Gave A Fuck About Me Then & Now That People Care About Me They Dont Noe Wtf I Go Thro Everyday To Wake Up And Know My Mom 또는 Dad Will Never Be Here I Wish People Understood The Shit That I Went Through & Still Go Through Well Wtf Ever Me Weitting This Aint Gona Make Her 또는 Him Come Back :(
Haaiii There Ppl, This Be Stacey Here(:
Well I'm 글쓰기 This 기사 About This Amazinq Beautiful Gurl (: Bella Is Just The Sweetest Gurl Yuh Can Evaa Meet, I Can Tal To Her Bouut Anythinqq!:)
I 사랑 Her To Death!(:
Now If Any Of 당신 Niqqas Fuck With Her your 나귀, 엉덩이 Is Mine >:D
Anywayys Add Her, Trust Me Obce 당신 Get To Know Her She's The Sweetest Most Kindness Person Ever.!(:
I'd Always Knew That Me And Her Would Be Good Friends. (: From The Start We've Been 프렌즈 And I Can Always Count On Her For Anythingggg<333333

Lovee Youu Beatiful!!^.^ ❤
Never Forget Meh!<333

Xoxo, Stacey. ❤
posted by Bella_Babez
It's So Funny, How 당신 Claim Me Yet Fuck Her, 당신 Say "iLove You" But I'm Damn Sure Everyone Knows 당신 사랑 Her Too. ! Either Choose Me 또는 Lose Me Cuz iKnoo Damn Well iAin't No Bodies 초 Fucking Choice! Just Remember, You've Left That Scar In My Heart, Your're Just Fucking Shit Up For Yo 나귀, 엉덩이 Cuz 당신 Fashoo Won't Be Happy When I'm With Someone Else That Treats Me Perfect, &&' Treats Me As A Female A Human Being! Not Just Another Girl, Soo Fucckk It Shit Happens. ! You're Just Missing Out On Someone 당신 Had But Slowly Let Slip Out Your Arms.(:
While Youu Sit Up Here Dissing Me No Worries iGot Another Niggah 키싱 Me, iAint Stressing It! Cuz iGot Another Niggah Here With Me.
posted by Bella_Babez
Name: Isabella Hazel Hernandez
Age: 15
Birthday: February 14, 1997
Birthplace: Puerto Rico
Race: Hispanic
Siblings: Ananis: 5 Yrs Old, & Alexus: 5 Months Old
Currently Living: Bronx, NY
School: Idfk Thaa Name
Best Friend: Erranique
Boyfriend: Dre<33
First Kiss: 3rd Grade
Favorite Color: Pink(:
Favorite Food: Pizza
Favorite Rapper: Nicki Minaj
Favorite Song: Beauty & A Beat<33
Favorite Place: 침대 Lofl
Idol: Nicki Minaj
Favorite Show: Bad Girls Club, & 사랑 Games
Best Guy Friend: iDunno JT iGuess. (:
Favorite Person To Talk To: Dre<3
Favorite Subject: Math ^_^

Best Features:
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Nani: Bella!
Me: What?
Nani: I'm Coming To Your Room.
Me: Kae.
Nani: Look!
Me: Oh My Goodness Nani Why Do Youu Have That?
Nani: It's From Mommy Purse.
Me: So Youu Found A Condom In Mommy Purse?
Nani: Yes iJust Said That Duhh.
Me: Don't Get Smart Lil' Girl!
Nani: I'm Not A Lil' Girl Anymore Cuz Only Big Girls Can Use These & iCan.
Me: Nani, Stfu!
Nani: Noo 당신 Stfuu
Me: MOM!
Nani: Mommy, Look What Bella Had In Her Purse!
Me: Omfg, Yoou Found Tht In Moms Purse! 당신 Fucking Liar.
Mom: Bella, Why Do 당신 Have This?
Me: No, Why Do 당신 Have That?
Mom: Omg
Nani: Bella Is In Trouble!
Me: Nooooooooo 당신 Are
Mom: We'll Continue This After Work. But, Nani Stay Out Mine & Bellas' Purse
* This Girl Got Me In Trouble -_-*
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