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I 사랑 the humble silence of this street,
embellished with quiet trees,
where no soul has ever gone by,
except that of the wind...
Clouds pause to look at the street
with their heavenly eyes,
and they can tell, 의해 looking at the leaves
whether Fall 또는 Winter have settled their realm.
I 사랑 the humble silence of this street
embellished with quiet trees
along which I walked on so many Sundays
with my small grove of rememberences...
When I die, my friend, the best of me
will survive in this street:
the concealed rose of my regrets
and the roaming 음악 of my dreams...

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12 months have passed since lin and zag have been waiting for the arrival of their new smeet.
" oh zag im so happy! anyday now our smeet will finally be born! i'll finally be a mom!"
lin and zag were in the armada recovery deck where future mothers were ready to give birth to new little invaders. zag sat 다음 to her holding her hand. "i know. im so happy for 당신 honey. too bad ida and fluke are'nt here to see it." ida and fluke were at war with some of the aliens trying to take over irk. lin doesnt remember the last time she saw her sister and fluke. the two were a part of her 심장 and she...
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Helena wants to make a movie so this is what she came up with
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If cindy had a pop theme this is what I imagine it would be like :3
우주 스파이 짐
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 The Image of Zero and Z-9 on Lard Nar's Screen
The Image of Zero and Z-9 on Lard Nar's Screen
SCENE 1 - Planet Vort

Vortian: Sir, We have finished the Irken Death Device.

???: Excellent.....

A Big Screen pops out. And it has a picture of Zero and Z-9 on it.

???: These two are our greatest threat, they have wiped out 12 of our armies together. 12 STINKIN' ARMIES, CAN 당신 BELIEVE THAT MEAT FACES?!?

Vortian: I Can!

???: Destroy that guy.

Guards show up and capture the vortian and kill him.

???: That was the wrong guy, but, who cares. I, Lard Nar of the Resisty, will dispose of those two, They will no longer threaten us.


The enterance to Zero's base opens.

Zero: This is my Base....
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