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Hi guys!
My name is Taylor and I am the biggest instant 별, 스타 팬 ever!
I was so sad and angry when it ended that i just mopped around the house for weeks
I believe Instant 별, 스타 is a moving and inspiring progam that i want kids of this generation to be able to experience.
So I'm starting an Instant 별, 스타 petition to get it back on the air.

Anyone who would like to sign this petition please send your name and country and state to

Any help would be greatly appreciated as it is going to take a lot of work.

If 당신 would like to put a 코멘트 on the petition to say...
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posted by ditzyblonde
It has recently come to our attention that the fourth season of Instant Star, produced 의해 Epitome Pictures will be the final season on the individual channel 엠티비 Inc. has created for The N.

This is a confusing decision for fans, as we have seen the proposed lineup for this new channel. The N, as shown on Noggin provided an outlet for teenage viewers who were growing into adolescence, but not quite yet settled into the emerging adulthood state of their life. It gave them shows that they could call their generation’s own. The only original programming specific to The N's new channel is Degrassi,...
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I realize that the Instant 별, 스타 concept is geared toward teenage girls, but as a mature, successful and hard-working 23-year-old woman, I'd say this is one of the most electric story lines I've seen in a 30-minute 텔레비전 program in a long time. This is not to say that it stands alone in quality TV programming, but it certainly stands alone in its genre. I feel that the message ends up amounting to so much 더 많이 than simply the realistic portrayal of teenaged rock star's life. The characters written for Jude, Tommy, and the rest of the cast handle situations that perplex men and women far...
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