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posted by big-fat-meanie
Cricket nets

Cricket nets are practice nets used 의해 batsmen and bowlers to warm up and/or improve their cricketing techniques. Cricket nets consist of a cricket pitch (natural 또는 artificial) which is enclosed 의해 cricket nets on either side, to the rear and optionally the roof. The bowling end of the net is left open. Cricket nets are the cricket equivalent of baseball's batting cages, though fundamentally different, as baseball cages provide complete ball containment, whereas cricket nets do not.

The purpose
Cricket nets serve to stop the ball travelling across a field when the batsman plays a...
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posted by big-fat-meanie
The game of indoor cricket
In terms of the concept of the game indoor cricket is similar to cricket. Like its outdoor cousin, indoor cricket involves two batsmen, a 투수, 볼링 and a team of fielders. The 투수, 볼링 bowls the ball to the batsmen who must score runs. The team with the highest score at the end of the match wins. Despite these basic similarities, the game itself differs significantly from its traditional counterpart in several ways, most notably on the field of play and the duration of the game.

Playing arena: Indoor cricket court
The length of an indoor cricket pitch is the same as a conventional...
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