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posted by MrWayne
 This is their symbol
This is their symbol
The Illuminati are a secret society of enlightened people. That is literally what their name means. They know everything, and they are waiting for the new order of the ages (novus ordo seclorum), which does not have a set date. They are not planning on creating any revolutions and they don't do Satanic rituals. They are simply using their knowledge to be ready when the time for change arrives. They are innocent, they did not murder Robin Williams, and they are DEFINITELY not associated with dolphins. Only conspirators with serious issues (like the REALLY crazy ones who think the moon landing...
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posted by eveadelekitty
justin bieber.
justin bieber has swag.
you know what else has swag?
hot topic.
hot topic.
emos 샵 at hot topic.
emos have long hair.
hair rhymes with secretary of health education and welfare.
secretaries work in an office.
the tv show the office.
office has 6 letters.
justin also has 6 letters.
bieber also has 6 letters.
we just made 666
does this mean justin bieber is conspiring with the illuminati actors on the tv show the office to take over the world?
let's see
the office stars steve carell.
steve carell.
steve has 5 letters.
the office has 9 letters.
9-5 is 4.
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