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posted by StarWarsFan7
Dawn grabs onto a branch and Paul tries to get her to jump.

Paul: Dawn, give me your hand!

Dawn: No! I...I can't!

Paul: Dawn, please!

Dawn: *whispering* O...kay...

She jumps and Paul catches her.

Her eyes are closed tight.

Paul: Dawn. Open your eyes.

Dawn: *opens eyes* Oh.

Paul: Well, we survived that free fall.

Dawn: *walks around* Yeah.

Paul: Well, it's getting dark out, we should find shelter.

Dawn: I'm right behind you, Paul.

In about 20 분 they find a cave that has Golbats in it.

Dawn: Paul, I'm getting a little chilly.

Paul puts his arm around Dawn.
Dawn leans on his shoulder.

Dawn: Isn't this nice?...
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