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posted by joejonasfan001
"Well we haven't found anything so far"
"Tessa that's not good enough"
"Martha we're trying all we can"
"I promised that we would have this couple 의해 now and it's been three weeks and we've turned up nothing"
"Just give us some 더 많이 time.."
"Never mind"
"I give up"

Martha had been missing for a few hours now and no one had heard from her, Bloom had tried phoning her but she wouldn't answer and she always answered him

"Martha, where are you? We are all worried, 당신 haven't been answering your phone and we just wanna know that your okay, i wanna know your safe, please please phone me back"...
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posted by joejonasfan001
Life is precious. If 당신 were told 당신 had to give it up, would you? Even if 당신 knew it was the wrong choice for 당신 but the right choice for everyone else?

"I've got new one"
"New what?"
"A case"
"Tessa 당신 know we can't open a new file until Martha gets here"
"Where is she?"
"We don't know, Anthony's been trying to get a hold of her but he's got nothing so far"
"Well where is he now?"
"Still trying to phone her"

Anthony was still trying to get hold of Martha he tried her phone again but she did not answer

"Martha? It's Anthony, 당신 are already late for work and we need 당신 before we can proceed with...
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posted by joejonasfan001
Martha was in her office phoning their suspects, John sat on the outside on his 책상, 데스크 watching her. He kept going through the scenario in his head and all the things that could go wrong

"Bloom, are 당신 alright?"
"I'm fine Tessa"
"It's just that you've been staring at her for ages"
"I'm just trying to..."
"What? Lip read?"
"Kinda yeah"
"Okay stab in the dark here...How long?"
"How long what?"
"Have 당신 liked her?"
"What? Tessa if 당신 keep saying stuff like that you'll end up in a mental home"
"Your not denying it then?"
"....For a few months now. How did 당신 know?"
"I see the way 당신 look at her when you...
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posted by nickjonasfan001
'If 당신 사랑 someone, 당신 let them be themselves and if 당신 can't 또는 당신 won't then something...somethings fucked.'
They looked at each other for a moment, John knew she was right. He could never be himself with Adile he had to be Brendan Shae, the man she loved. If he told her the truth..she would leave him but what if he told Martha? would she let him leave? He wasn't going to take that chance
'I gotta go.' He picked up his 재킷, 자 켓 and left. She heard the door shut and sighed, feeling a little 심장 broken.
John stopped on the doorstep and looked back at the house. He didn't want to take that...
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posted by nickjonasfan001
'Tell her i don't give up without a fight.'
John watched as Adile picked up her bags and walked away from him. He never thought he would let her go but he knew where he belonged and it wasn't with her. He wandered around the city for awhile, thinking of his past and the choices he made which lead him to be where he is now. Brendan Shae was his past, he had been him for 15 years and never questioned his judgement unitl he met his new team. He saw how they all worked together as unit, something which was forgien to him. The team already had their perceptions of him due to his background but he...
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