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posted by blazeroxs
Chapter 1: part 1 
10 YEARS LATER... (countdown: 91 days)
The days were dark and cold nowadays in Aurora, the skies never change it's dull gray color, but it seemed to get worse everyday. The world, itself, looked dead; The air was never filled of children's laughter, instead they were filled with screams, no birds sang, instead there was the ghostly winds and there wasn't any green for miles, unless 당신 ventured into the Mystic Forest, which was outside the 벽 that surrounded the kingdom. The people have struggled to stay alive, some have died of starvation, due to no sunlight to grow their...
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posted by blazeroxs
It was just a regular 일 and how is it a regular 일 without drama? Icelet just confessed to Silver that she liked him, in front of her two best 프렌즈 Lance and Evolet that convinced her to do so.
"So," Icelet said rubbing her arm, "you're not into me?" Icy could feel that her face truing red, not because she confronted her crush to him, but because of embarrassment.
"No... not really. Sorry Ice but I like Blaze. I thought everyone knew that" Silver explained looking at Icelet, Lance and Evolet.
Icelet hands started to form ice, due to how she felt, "Well 당신 know she likes Sonic, everyone...
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posted by blazeroxs
Facts about Icelet:

Age: 14
Birthday: November 30
Species: cat

Abilities: blue fire, ice, is phsyic only in her dreams

Quotes: if it ain't broke don't fix it, i'd die for anyone, and leave me alone, damn!

Description: emotional, nice, mad, confused sometimes

Silver the hedgehog
Sonic the hedgehog
Shadow the hedgehog
Stacy the cat
Cream the rabbit
Amy Rose (kinda she annoying to her)
Blaze the cat
Lance the cat (my character)
Evolet the cat (my character)
JayCee the dog (JayCee-The-Dog's character)
Night the Vamphog (ilovshadow's character)

Enemies: none, except when the egg heads found out to get to her 집 planet

Hates: Center of attention, people talk trash about her, she would blush 또는 turns red easily

being with 프렌즈 and Silver <3

(P.S. she like Silver the hedgehog and protects the mystic emeralds)