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AliceChina posted on Oct 08, 2010 at 04:56PM
August 9, 2010
Sent by DHL to London

Dear Hugh,
Did you receive my letter that was sent to you by DHL on Aug 2nd and signed for by Katey on Aug 4th? It was sent to an address that I got from a website. It is: 36 Redcliff Road, London SW10, UK. Since Aug 2nd, days have been passing by with my anxiety and expectation. However, I’ve not received any email reply from Katey or you regarding whether my letter has been delivered to the right person. So, I guess it is lost somewhere in London.
Dear Hugh, please don’t consider this as a harassing letter. This is a very serious and sincere letter from China. According to the latest Hugh-Grant-Related news from media and internet, you are single and not dating with anyone. If I’m wrong, I mean, if you are married or if you have a girlfriend, please let me know. I’ll stop writing to you immediately. Otherwise, I might continue behaving like an idiot. If you are not interested in knowing me, please also let me know. I will stop DHLing you and I will just love you in another way, in an Only-Alice-Involved way, which I’ve been very good at for many years.
For many years, I’ve been living in a fantasy where you and I are a happy couple. I always think it’s nice to go on with this fantasy for my whole life. However, I become very nervous when you said:”the devil will come back and says times up, you are going to be a lonely man”. So, now I can’t help taking action to try to get in touch with you.
I used to think that celebrities should date only with celebrities. But recently I’m mature enough to realize that celebrities are also human beings. Besides, I’m quite an excellent girl: I’m not bad-looking. I’m extremely good-tempered, with a nice character and an optimistic attitude. I speak good English and I’m flexible to life abroad……the most important thing is that I can love you wholeheartedly, for nothing. Not because of your movies, not because of your fame, not become of your handsomeness, not because of your wealth……Actually I do not know why I love you so much. Among all the human beings in this world, I just love this 50 years old guy------Hugh Grant.
You said, your love for golf is preventing you from holding down a girlfriend. I want to tell you: this is no problem for me. I will not complain. You can spend all your time in golf. I will just be there silently. I can take care of your golf gadgets. I can also do massage for you after you play golf, but perhaps in an unprofessional way.
Dear Hugh, will you come to the Mission Hills Star Trophy Golf Cup that is going to be held in Haikou, China on Oct 28th? I’ll be there, just for a small chance of meeting you. Or, if you are not coming, perhaps I can meet Hank Haney or Michael Douglas or Catherine Zeta Jones who might be able to give my letters to you.
Dear Hugh, I will not give up as long as you are single and as long as you are not a gay. NO! Even if you are a gay, I will not give up. But if you turn me down and ask me to stop, then I will stop, as I’m also a decent woman with proper pride instead of a shameless sticker.
Hugh, I hope to see you in Oct in Haikou. At least I can be a good translator for you.


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