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AliceChina posted on Oct 08, 2010 at 03:25PM
August 2, 2010
Sent by DHL to 36 Redcliff Road, London, SW10, UK

Dear Hugh,
My name is Alice. I’m from Shenzhen city, China. I’m writing to you mainly not as a fan of yours, but as a prospective woman who might walk with you hand-in-hand till all the seas gang dry and the rocks melt with the sun.
I’m thinking about you all the time these days. The “missing you” feeling is stronger than ever. And I don’t know why. Yesterday I was in a subway, with my earphones on. With the nice music, I began to think about you, imagining scenes that we’re talking, having dinner, swimming……I didn’t realize I missed my station until I was at the terminal. So I learned a lesson: Never listen to music in subway or Never think about Hugh Grant in subway. I choose the former since the latter is Mission Impossible.
I’ve been deeply poisoned by you. It’s such a torture that I feel you’re so near to me yet so far away. I might get out of bed in the middle of the night to send you an email, just like you get up in the middle of the night to practice golf swing in front of mirror. I tried hundreds of email addresses such as,,, none of them works. I know I’m stupid but I’m enjoying my stupidness. I’m just an ordinary girl from China, working as a translator for an Isreali company. I was working for Airshow China before, so I went to London once, attending Farnborough Airshow. Unfortunately, I did not run into you in a romantic London street. In order to obtain a small chance of meeting you, I am thinking of applying for a job at British Airways or Virgin Atlantic. But I’m 28 years old, perhaps it’s too old to be a stewardess.
I’m hesitating whether I should attach a photo in this letter or not. I’m not a celebrity. I’m incomparable with Elizabeth Hurley or Jemima Khan, but I’m confident (55% confident) that I can capture your heart if God give me a chance. But this is not the reason why I’m hesitant about the photo. I’m sure a mature man like you would not judge a woman only by her appearance. Don’t worry. I’m not ugly.
Dear Hugh, I’m not sure if this address of yours I got from a website is valid or not. I’m not sure if this letter could be safely delivered to your hand or not. I’m not sure if you have time to communicate with me. I’m not sure if you are interested in communicating with me……My life is consisted of many “not sures”. Whatever, if you do receive this letter, please let me know. If there is no chemistry between us, we can be friends. Or, at least I can be your translator and tour guide if you attend World Golf Cup in Shenzhen. We have the biggest golf court in the world. It’s called Mission Hills. Have you heard of it? Welcome!
Any kind people, if you get this letter by accident, please don’t throw it into a garbage can. Please write me an email to tell me the miserable fact. I would be extremely thankful!!!

Here is my contact information:

 August 2, 2010 Sent 의해 DHL to 36 Redcliff Road, London, SW10, UK Dear Hugh, My name is Alice. I
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