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53? 53! Fifty--I--what--how--geez...


    Lisa stared at him for a moment, and then a smile—the real smile—her smile came bursting across her lips as her free hand slid from his hip to his back, pressing his body closer to hers. Hugh’s eyes were dark and serious as he leaned down again, and there was nothing casual at all about this kiss. A squirming, writhing mass twisted and coiled low in her stomach as she ran her hand up his back, her lips busily occupied with a ridiculously enjoyable battle for dominance. Having just barely captured his lower lip with her teeth,...
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Disclaimer: I don’t own House… whoopss… wrong disclaimer. I don’t own Hugh Laurie and Lisa Edelstein, because we have abolished slavery long time ago… But if somehow I can control their free will, Hugh Laurie will be divorced and they will be doing some smexy stuff right now.

Hello! Rue0613 here. As I said in one of my post, I’m a FF writer, who specialize with Hameron. Yes, 당신 heard me right, I’m a Hameron fan, and now kinda Huddy fan… but a CRAZY HULI FAN!!! >:)
This is the first time I’ll be doing a real person FF. Oh, for those who are familiar with, I’ll...
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Hello guys! Here I am again with the longest fic/chapter i have ever written:) Thank 당신 so much for the comments, they always make my day! I hope 당신 will like this one as well:) just for you!

It was 10 in the morning and Hugh was sitting in a cab in front of Lisa’s home, trying to take up the courage and go inside. He has been there since 9 o’clock. His plane left 2 hours ago, but he couldn’t move. He has been thinking about the past years. When life was so much simpler. They were fine. They were friends, he could turn to her anytime he wanted, and she could do the same. When they...
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posted by blinkbackatear
Hi guys! This is my first Huli fanfiction, I hope 당신 will like it. :)

-    So this is it.
-    Yes, strangely I’ve never thought there would come an end to this show, okay come an end this soon…
-    Soon? It was 7 years, Robert.
-    I know, just still, it feels like time’s just flown by.
-    Yeah, I know what 당신 mean. – Sighed Lisa.
-    And what are 당신 going to do? Have 당신 got any plans? Travelling?
-    Well, I haven’t decided yet. I have got...
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posted by tammyr50
As they announced all the names in the “Favorite Actress” category she tensed up just a little. She was nervous about making the speech, about being there with Robert.
And the winner for “Favorite Actress” in a “TV Drama Series”: Ms. Lisa Edelstein. The look across her face had a smile and a tear attached to it. As nervous as she was she wanted to thank some of her 팬 for all the time they had spent voting. She was excited and honored to receive this award. She had worked a lot of years on a lot of different shows. Her work was important to her and she gave character to every...
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I have been wondering for a while whether I should have addressed this to Santa Claus, instead. After some pondering, I started flipping through the pages of my calendar in order to check how long it would take my wishing list to be delivered to him. 당신 know, it’s not as simple as it sound dealing with air mail postage delivery times when it comes to Lapland….apparently air communication lines with Italy aren’t that efficient. But, anyway back to the point, I was flipping through the pages of my calendar, right? On a side note, I know, sorry…I 사랑 digressing, I have realized almost...
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Hum, so I've been wondering if this has been done before in this spot (I know that @rrennie did something similar, but I mean something QUITE like this) and I don't think it has. Anyways, I had a LOT of fun doing this, especially because it was a wonderful alternative to doing schoolwork xD

Anyways, enjoy!!

NOTE: Whenever there are pics and words 다음 to each other (the 팬팝 article-writing process is a little annoying :P) read the words on the PICTURE first, and then the words that are typed 다음 to it.


A Huli Comic

James was very confused....
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posted by HuddyBea
Good morning ladies!
Here 당신 go with chapter 7, which I hope you'll like just as the 이전 ones :) This is a long one :D
Special thanks to my fav editors, @Belle who's incredibly sweet, and @rennie who gave me a few language tips and is a real force of nature ;) I am in 사랑 with you, woman...just so 당신 know :P

Previously on December/December:

"A light broke through the window, creeping into the dusk. Not yet…
He lifted his head up searching for her eyes. Her beautiful smile was gone, replaced 의해 a questioning, heartbreaking set of sad, grey eyes.
“Why did 당신 leave me?”

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posted by playingcold
This isn't a fanfic, it's pure science! :D Thanks to school, I have to read some texts about nonverbal communication. 읽기 the stuff, all I could think about was Huli. I will copy some paragraphs here and feel free to discuss if they are really 'so Huli' as I thought. ;) It is possible that they were mentioned earlier, since there are a lot of smart and educated people here :)

To Communicate Meaning
Nonverbal messages may communicate the exact same meanings as verbal messages. The same purposes that were identified for communication in general are served 의해 nonverbal signals a well.
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posted by HughLaurie1
Chapter 2.
They get into the car and start to drive. Hugh remembered that funny feeling in his stomach when they kissed and smiled. He wanted to feel it again so much, he kissed her before, but it was different, there was no script and no cameras, they write the script to themselves and 의해 themselves..
-Why are u smiling?
-You smile at nothing?
-Well, actually it’s not nothing, just..I don’t know. I feel very funny., he smiled again.
-And why is that?
-Ahm.. it’s your fault actually, he looked at her.
-What did I do?
-You kissed me back.
-And that makes 당신 smile?
-Well, we shouldn’t...
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저기요 again, I really 사랑 읽기 fics and decided to write some 의해 myself. So I want to try Huli fic. I hope 당신 like it. And has always, sorry for my bad english. XOXO
This is it, she said to herself, ‘ This is the end. God why I need to 사랑 him so much? Why I can’t forget him? Why I 사랑 to watch him so much? Why I can’t be with him and not to think about his lips taste?’’ There was so many 질문 in her mind ’why?’. She wanted to forget him , tried to forget him, tried not to stare at him in “that” way.. But she couldn’t help herself. No matter...
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Hi! This is my first ff in English… I’m Italian and I don’t know English language very well…but I 사랑 Hugh and Lisa so... I hope I didn’t make many mistakes! And, if 당신 like the story, I’ll continue to write it but… If 당신 don’t like it please tell me and I’ll stop to write it!  Have a good day!

“Sense of (our) life” - part 1

A strange taste of joy grew up from her mouth to her mind. She never felt like that before; an unexpected sensation in a day, which she thought, "was came too similar to the others to be a normal one". Lisa laught thinking how a 일 in the life...
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