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Helloooo fellow Huddyholics! So...the premiere. Need I say 더 많이 about it? It was simply a dream come true. I have to say, though, I've only been waiting for this all summer. A lot of other people have been waiting for it for 7 years, so I have to tell those people: wow, 당신 guys are amazing. I really do respect 당신 for that, and your dedicatedness makes me feel very inferior...

Anyways, no surprise, I'm rambling again. The reason I decided to write this 기사 is because I really need to just get my thoughts on the premiere out somewhere. So, here I am, watching the episode for the third time,...
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So here's the last part of this fic and I know it is very predictable.
Thanks for all your 코멘트 ;)

„Cuddy. I didn't expect 당신 here...” House was surprised seeing her standing at his door. It was a long time since the last time he saw her. He was wondering how is she doing after Tom’s death, but he was too afraid to ask, so he decided to act completely normal about it “Come in” he opened the door wider, inviting her inside with a slight smile.
“Have 당신 really given up on me?” she ignored him, focusing her look on his face, while her sudden attack 의해 the 질문 scared and...
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 "I always want to 키스 you,"
"I always want to kiss you,"
Well. It’s been a long, long time since I’ve published an article. I use my words carefully - o actually did write an 기사 for Saviors. I just haven’t published it. Yet. It’s on my mum’s Air so i can’t access it right now. This is because when i write an article, i really want to be happy with it. I also want to be bothered to write it ;) but mostly the happy thing. This is because every 기사 i have written since Teh Itch one has been graded 의해 me against that, and since that was 4000 words of things that mostly hadn’t been pointed out before I was mostly to very happy with...
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Chapter 2 as promised.

Again for the under 18's I trust 당신 will exercise the necessary restraint to avoid 읽기 that which is NOT appropriate for you.

3rd and final chapter to follow shortly!!


Taking two steps before stopping, Cuddy turned back and looked at him. “Oh one 더 많이 thing House, don’t call me sweetheart!” With that she carried on down the hall to the bathroom.

House stood watching her, wondering what that was all about.

As she disappeared into the room, he waited a heartbeat to see if she would come back out, once she saw what...
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