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I understand there is frustration directed at the Huddy fandom but we DO have legitimate reasons for not liking the Lucas arc and therefore some of us have been fairly vocal about it.
I don’t bash other ships but I will 질문 the current storyline and the writers if I feel it warrants it.

I also want to say that I’m only 글쓰기 about my personal experience and opinions and don’t speak for other Huddy 팬 but I believe some feel similarly.
I do spend the majority of my time on the Huli spot because I felt it was safer to be a Huddy there when the Huddy spot was being bashed 의해 Hamerons...
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posted by HouseAddict87
Chapter 6: Making Amends
“Cuddy, can we talk?”
“Yes, what is it House?”
“I was wondering if 당신 would want to go out with me tonight? On a date.”
“I uhh well it has been a busy 일 plus Thirteen but yeah that would be nice. Where should we go?”
“How about the new Mexican restaurant on 15th street? I’ve heard it is very good and they have live 음악 there as well, 당신 know 당신 want to see me salsa!”
“You salsa? That’s interesting! Mexican 음식 sounds good it’s a date.”
“Cool I’ll pick 당신 up around seven then.”
“Okay I’ll be ready.”
Seven o’clock rolled around...
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posted by Hughlaurie4ever
What if Cuddy was with House in Last resort? And they were in a relationship and Cuddy was pregnant?


House and Cuddy- Has been together for about 2 years. They were together talking when the man barges in with a gun.

As House sits behinds Cuddy's 책상, 데스크 taking out the screws that held her drawer, a man barges in.

House looks up and sees a man probably in his 40's who looks nervous and sick.

" Is Dr. Cuddy here?"

" She's in the drawer , I'm trying to save her." House replied sarcastically.

As Jason left he saw a woman in a lowcut 상단, 맨 위로 with...
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posted by Fabouluz
Cuddy arrived back home, and dropped her 서류 가방 to the floor; leaning on the back of her closed front door. Walking dreamily to her kitchen, taking out a bottle of red wine and a single wine glass.

After changing into her pyjamas; a simple white 캐미솔, 캐 미 솔 with a 레이스 edge, and light 담홍색, 핑크 pyjama pants, which looked extra baggy on her small frame.

Reaching for the bottle, she uncorked it and poured a generous amount into the deep wine glass, and then sunk into her sofa, legs crossed and her arm lying across her stomach as she drank a quarter of the glass in one sip.

10 o’clock. The clock on...
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posted by LisaLover
“Oh shut up already! 당신 give me what I want 당신 I give 당신 what 당신 want, deal? Just finish what you’ve started.”

“Deal” the devilish smile appeared on his face as he moved his way back ton the 상단, 맨 위로 of her.

He kissed her forcing his tongue into her mouth again and again, taking off her bra and threw it behind himself 다음 to his shirt. He caught Cuddy 의해 her waist and lift her one step higher as his face was now on the level of her breasts. He kissed her chest and started to unzip his pants.

“Do 당신 wanna make 사랑 to me?” he asked placing small kisses on her on her stomach.

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Everybody knows that House and Cuddy slept together one night 또는 at least House understood that in the episode ‘’Top Secret’’ (You gave me everything I asked for because one night I gave 당신 everything 당신 asked for...[House]) but we are not sure about when, maybe before House met Stacy 또는 after, we don’t know, well, I was thinking about it and I remember some episodes that can say something about when they met and when they slept together.
In the episode ‘’Three Stories’’ Stacy was with House and Cuddy already knew him, when Cuddy hired House he was already limp (In ‘’Detox’’...
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posted by anonymously
Hello everyone!

As 당신 know voting for the Huddy Awards closed yesterday. I would first of all like to thank everyone who took the time to vote. There were a lot of categories and it's really nice to see the amount of participation we had, so on behalf of Bea, Katia and everyone else who helped, thank you!

I'm 글쓰기 this small 기사 to collect all the results together. (In parenthesis is the percentage of votes for the winning moment - as 당신 already know)

Bea and I will however write a longer 더 많이 complete 기사 in the days (or weeks) to come.
I will also be making a video of the winning...
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posted by BeforeItWasCool
Latest chapter in the Fan-isode “It’s About Time.” For the complete story visit link .

Disclaimer: I don’t own House. David 육지, 쇼 어 and 여우 do. Dang it.

“It’s About Time”
Chapter Nine

    Cuddy had only talked with Jacob’s dad for a couple of 분 before she was sure that what had happened was all just a big mix-up. In fact, if blame had to be given it would fall also on Jacob’s mother’s shoulders. The father had expected the mom to pick up Jacob only 30 분 after he had left Jacob sleeping peacefully in his bed. The next-door neighbor had left earlier...
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posted by potter-girl
hey, sorry i think this is kinda crap but go easy on me im young and this is my 1st article. btw this sounded betta in my head! :b pls leave feedback ways 2 improve it if 당신 want 더 많이 또는 if u think i should just quit!

House and his team were all in his office working on a case. For weeks now every one seemed to think house has melowed out a bit, he's less sarcey, doesn't try to make every one miserable and even 더 많이 wierdly he had been taking a back 좌석 in the diferentials.

The case had been farly easy so house hadn't bothered giving his opinion just kept looking at his watch every few minuits....
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Lisa Cuddy
Princeton Plainsboro
Teaching Hospital
506 단풍, 메이플 street
office #326


Wilson has been 글쓰기 to me. I know whats happening to you.

Your doing a really bad job of covering this up.

Im serious. People are going to start asking questions. People besides wilson.

Speaking of wilson, dont let this slip to him. He'll let it slip to.....well, everyone.

But i want to "keep" this secret. So dont change anything.

Take care of yourself, Cuddy.

I've thought about it a thousand times,
and it still doesn't make sense,
only because all my life,
I've been building me a fence.
A 벽 to keep away fear,
to keep away the grief and pain,
to divert the hurt I knew could come,
that in my 심장 would it sustain.

I stagger the halls in shame,
for 연기 the way I do and how I treat you,
And I know that I shouldn't,
but its the only thing I know how to do.
I force myself to push 당신 away,
accompanied with fret,
cause I know that's not what I want
and it becomes another regret.

When the thought of 당신 comes to mind,
the pain begins to seep,
the grief begins to...
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Chapter 2 as promised.

Again for the under 18's I trust 당신 will exercise the necessary restraint to avoid 읽기 that which is NOT appropriate for you.

3rd and final chapter to follow shortly!!


Taking two steps before stopping, Cuddy turned back and looked at him. “Oh one 더 많이 thing House, don’t call me sweetheart!” With that she carried on down the hall to the bathroom.

House stood watching her, wondering what that was all about.

As she disappeared into the room, he waited a heartbeat to see if she would come back out, once she saw what...
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here's a new chapter! hope you'll enjoy it!

Cuddy needs to be alone for a while and she goes out in the park of the hospital. She walks and tries to calm down, to think of the situation, of House, of her, of her and House. It took her a long time to know what she really wants, to understand that she can’t live without him, that he’s the one for her… She forgave him the unforgivable, she wanted to believe HE has changed, she wanted to believe SHE has changed, she thought she could accept him for who he is, with his fears… she was in heaven since yesterday when she saw him at the airport,...
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posted by migle
After House visited her he felt better, now he know that she is better, that few days later she could came back to work, he doesnt have to worried that she could felt worce, at least now. House start working very hard not to think about her, his team was happy that House working.
Few days latter House was treating little boy, - „Do liver biopsy..“, House told to Taub, but he didint move, -„ I cant, until Cuddy is not in work.... and where is she....she disappered few days ago, is not sounds like her she is administrator she cant just disapered..isnt???“, everybody was worried, House...
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posted by Sculy08
A Happy Life: Chapter 13(6/11/09)

[House was awoken 의해 the sound of his cell phone ringing. Cuddy was nuzzled up against his chest with her dark curls splayed across his chest like a blanket. Cuddy's leg was slid onto the 상단, 맨 위로 of his thigh and her hand was resting precariously close to little little Greg. House smiled and grumbled as he reached his free hand over and grabbed the annoying ringing phone. House flipped the annoyed object open.]

Foreman: House
House: No, I'm not bailing 당신 out jail! Someone had better be dying if not then go back to fondling 13 before she starts pinch hitting for...
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posted by huddycallianfan
One girl linked me link, so I am just posting it here. I did NOT write this. I just wanted to share with 당신 girls, because this was so fun to read! ;))
Attention: This is 'M' (or maybe even MA?!XD) rated fictional story! Very smutty! XD Anyway, enjoy! :P

oh, BTW, I added a couple of pictures because this way it is funnier and 더 많이 real. :P


[my input: ignoring everything that had happened after...
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 How Cuddy has changed
How Cuddy has changed
As Season 5 is approaching us and a major Huddy arc has been announced, many people will be holding thier breath and crossing their fingers as Huddy comes to dominate our screens. Thinking over all of this, as with the touching season finale still fresh on my mind, I thought I would write an 기사 about my beloved ship, Huddy, but I wouldn't be talking about our favourite moments, 또는 how cute they are together 또는 anything 당신 would normally find in a crazy Huddy shipper's rant. Instead I thought I would look at House's view, literally his perspective of Cuddy and how it has changed through...
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posted by ilovehouse345
"do I have have to go?". House groaned while standing in Cuddys office helping her zip up the back of her dress."yes, it's for the hospital. And if 당신 go I'll let 당신 help me out of this dress." she said with a seuductive look on her face. 'damn', he thought 'i'm screwed cause she looks totally sexy in that dress. "Fine.I'll go.what is this even for anyway?" he asked.
"house I've old 당신 3 times this week! Were celebrating that the hospital has been around for 80 years now."

"that's worth celebrating, a old hospital in need of a new paint job?"

"Come on at least try to enjoy it."

"fine" he said...
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posted by livethislifeup

House had barged into Wilson's office and found him sprawled out across his couch. Mouth wide open, and arms stretched about. He switched the lights on and Wilson flinched, and began to sit upright. He rubbed his face and stared blankly at him.

"Didn't get enough sleep I see."
"Yeah, you?"
"Slept like a baby."
"How, the thunder was terrible last night."
"I had my ways."
Wilson looked at him curiously.
"Which would be?"
"How long 당신 been asleep?"

He had looked away from him, trying hard to avoid the subject. Which brought Wilson to a greater suspicion.

"A while." Wilson spoke slowly.
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posted by SissiSunshiner
Hi! Here we are with the "first date" of House and Cuddy. They're not alone, Rachel is with them.
Enjoy and lemme know what 당신 think about it:)

Chapter 4

The sound of a hand knocking on the wooden door made him realize that someone was standing outside his door. He glanced at the clook: 8.05. House walked in the living room and opened the door slowly.

Cuddy stood there smiling shyly, holding Rachel’s hands. Cuddy was even 더 많이 beautiful. She was wearing a red V-cut 상단, 맨 위로 and on her hips there was a black satin belt. Her jeans seemed to hug her legs perfectly while her black stilettos were at her...
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