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I want hameron so bad this season.But I don't think I would get it.I actually know I won't get it.
But thats not the reason I almost had a breakdown.We will come to that!
Huddy will happen in season 5.I knew and accept that.
It was hard but I conviced my self that everything was gonna be ok.
But then another spoiler came.A spoiler that was indicating that "Cameron's moment in the sun is coming... just not necessarily at House's side."

And when I thought that my first thought was:"Yay!A new lover!".
But when I had my 초 thought this is when I almost had a breakdown.
I thought marriage.Chameron...
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posted by amberRocks
hi!We screwed up!Ok I screwed up and some othe Hameron fans!
I read that 당신 felt unwanted here and I would like to say that it is NOT true!Every Hameron here wants you!You are a great contributor and 당신 talk so well and 당신 fight for peace and stuff!We need you!
I even had extended the deadline for the hameron banner/icon for you!
So please be back!Every Hameron here wants you!
Sorry if we had negleted 당신 또는 make 당신 feel unwanted 또는 anything!
I personally never said anything like that!

Sorry if our behaviour only made 당신 feel that 당신 don't belong here!

10000000000 sorry!

The Hameron fans!
Firstly, I will warn 당신 that in this 기사 I will positively referring to other ships such as Huddy and Chameron. Therefore, if 당신 do not wish to read an 기사 that supports these two ships, please stop 읽기 now. Furthermore, any bashing of other ships will lead to the removal of this article.

Season 4 and season 5 of 'House MD' have obviously been full of ups and downs and shipping madness. So I thought I would share with 당신 why I have, in a way, "re-discovered" my inner Hameron.

What A 'Big Baby'

I will admit that I was the first one to turn my nose up at Cameron being 연기 Dean...
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EDIT: I just want to make it clear that this is just one perspective on the recent events in the show. I do not think that this theory is any better 또는 any worse than other interpretations. This is merely me sharing some connections that I have made from a Hameron perspective. As most of 당신 know, I am both a Hameron AND a Huddy shipper, so I appreciate theories from both points of view. I personally believe that both Huddy and Hameron theories are plausible. This 기사 is in no way intended to discredit any Huddy theory 또는 the Huddy relationship....
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What the hell happen to us?I'm asking 당신 Hamerons!Yes,you!
Stop hiding and stop being cool about things aka huddy!
I'm not saying to fight 또는 badmouth huddy!(thats my kind of!)
I'm just saying to be passioned about your favourite,absolutely wonderfull,kick-us couple that is Hameron!

Spread your Hameron love!
Don't wait for the world to notice us!
MAKE the wold notice us!
We DO exist!

Even with the huddy arc going on rememmber:
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posted by miss_orange
Hugh Laurie

-...Hugh [Laurie] says viewers shouldn't count out Dr. Cameron... "The embers are still smoking, so who knows?" he says. "If someone blows on them, they may ignite."
Inside TV

[about House and Cameron having sex]
"...I think that's somewhere in the distance. ...Although I think, 당신 know, we'll probably both carry a bit of a torch for each other, but it'll be a hidden torch... Hey, look, I'm, 당신 know, wanting it to happen! It's very different from thinking it will happen. No, want is fine, put me down on the want list. That would be terrific, that would be just fine with me."
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posted by MrsBellaSwan
it was a sunny day, july 20, 2010 was the 일 that Allison Cameron and Gregory House said the binding vows to each other. and now, their first baby is on the way. Cameron and House have never been closer. "can 당신 believe that we got married a 년 이전 and now we have our first baby on the way?" Cameron says as she looks at the daimond ring that House proposed to her with. "no, its hard to believe." House said. Cameron smiles and kisses House's cheek, staring at their beautiful 크리스마스 tree. seeing a big box under the tree..wondering what that could be...she thinks: "is it for me? is it for the baby? who knows."

posted by amberRocks
Disclaimer:Made for fun,not profit.I don't own anything of the characters and/or the show.

*music*La la la la la la*music*

Oh huddy huddy huddy huddy!
You are on for season 5
but then then then then
you will be 로스트 forever of our sight!

Hameron will rule
like the first ship it is!
And 당신 Oh darling you
you will be in a freaking co...
co... coffin!!!

*more mucic*Oh yea,yea,yea,yea

Hameron is great and will rule the world
and 당신 oh 당신 당신 will be long gone!

The PI will come and take huddy away and all
oh all the 사랑 will be us us
us to gainnnnnnnn!!!!

Oh huddy 당신 will be gonne away!
You will be gone...
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posted by demy32
i know that we all thought that hameron would end up when we saw the season 1-2. But have 당신 ever thought about that huddy end up was planed from the begin?
I think "no" cause i smell someone got into place of DS.
But i really don't care if huddy end up because we will all know that cameron was the one for house.
And as long us "house" isn't over yet i will still believe.
but now we all know that the show is called "huddy"

PS i have every right to write and say my opinion without huddys 코멘트 negative comments. It's a hameron comunity.
posted by Chameron-lvr
It was a Tuesday morning. House was in his office, looking over a file. Cameron walks into his office. Cameron: “We need to talk House.” House: “okay?” Cameron leads House out into the hall. Cameron: “me and Chase are having some problems with our marriage.” House: “how am I supposed to help?” Cameron: “He says we need to take a break. See other people for awhile.” House: “ I’m sorry.” Cameron smiles a little and blushes. Cameron: “do 당신 maybe want to go to a movie 또는 something?” House smiles. House: “I’d like that.” Cameron: “great. I’ll meet 당신 at...
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posted by amberRocks
They are gonna have sex.Yes huddy is gonna do it.
This is so unfair...
I don't want them to have sex.
I don't want the huddy jerks to throw it to our face every once a while.
We made it throw the 키스 but sex?
How are we gonna make it?
Its not possible...
I know its just a show and the characers are fictional but still...This is too much.
Oh well...
I can't stand the thought of the huddies screaming sex every now and then in the spot!
I want to call names to them and stuff and I can't!
The point is:It is a sad 일 for Hameron.

p.s:If 당신 are also a Huddy 팬 please don't bother commenting because I'm in a really BAD mood and I will fight with 당신 like A LOT!
posted by miss_orange
okay, all Hamerons are pissed and going crazy in the last few weeks, because of the Huddy kiss, and the Chameron relation ship moving into an other level.but i have some thought that was gauiling i my brain, to make me feel beter.

i think that Chameron have a psycological reason in Cameron to happen, who is, in my point of view is sort of a Hameron reason. i think that in humain error (the last ep of season 3), when Cameron and Chase huked up, in the bar, where Chase was eating, after that House fired him, Cameron was talking to him and he toled her at the end "dont give me that pitty...
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posted by ilurvedward
now, this will be a very short article. i am a die hard huddy shipper.......but i have to say that i respect all hameron shippers as well.

who am i to tell 당신 that 당신 can't believe in something with your whole 심장 and wish that it will happen!!!! that is what shipping is all about!

i would like to apologize to all Hamerons on behalf of the Huddy cult!(i say that with love)
i am very disturbed 의해 some news that has been circulating that states that some Huddys have been bashing 당신 guys on your own spot! that is absolutly ridiculous and i am ashamed for those who disgraced the huddy name. this...
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posted by hameron_rocks
 House and Cameron season 4
House and Cameron season 4
every body knows that the first three seasons are the best seasons of Hameron, and people think that Hameron ended at the biggining of season 4, but i have some proves, that make us stick on Hameron, and beleive in it for ever...

at seasons four they were proves that Cameron still have feelings for House, like in Ugly, when Cameron said on the nationnal TV that she loves dr House, and in an other episode, Cameron made House to edmite that he mises her.
in no 더 많이 Mr nice guy, chase asked Cameron if she slept with him, and she didn't say no...
maybe she didn't , 또는 she did, but that means that chase thinks that Cameron still have feelings for House.

so these moments means that Hameron is not over, maybe in season five, we'll have 더 많이 evidense then that, but who knows...
 the new and the old cast
the new and the old cast
David 육지, 쇼 어 said in a freaking interview that cuddy is the only woman than House could have a relationship with!
That they should stop eventually dancing around eatch other!(if 당신 want to see the interview go to the house post!I'm not putting my hands on this awful link!)
I mean WTF!
This is so unfair and wrong!
She's hes boss and he doesn't respect her!Imagine being her *gulp* girlfriend too?
Cuddy wants a bady and House is not exactly father material!
They are both too old anyway!
And wait a minute!Dancing around eath other?
You mean all this creapy moments when House wanted to sleep with Cuddy...
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posted by amberRocks
Cameron was a girl
that liked to play!

House was a guy that
that annoyed 당신 anyway!

Cameron then kissed House
in an not so ordinary way!

House then freaked out
and started to run away!

And Cameron broke down
and starting going out with Chase!

House felt lonely
and got drown away!

Cuddy didn't lose time
and got her way!

And Cameron kept looking at him
but had nothing else to say!

But the two 연인들 will be united
at the end of the day!

And will live happilly ever after
despite your dismay!
Hi guys!!EnjoyHuddy is speaking!! I don't know what I'm doing on the Hameron spot because , as 당신 can understand just 읽기 my nick, I'm a Huddy shipper.
Anyway I 'm not here to fight with 당신 because I think you're very sweet.
I'm 글쓰기 this little 기사 because I want to clear myself to you...I'll explain why I was a Hameron 팬 (yes, I was a Hameron 팬 )and why I changed my ship.

Let's start:

In season 1 of House we saw House as a bastard (I think we see him this way even now) and we saw Cameron as a sweet girl but now she's stronger then before, but she's still sweet.

We saw all the...
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