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A/N: I know, another late update…but I have been really busy lately and am so so so soooo sorry!!!

Murder in the Clinic
Chapter 6: Breaking the News

    The morning after diagnosing his latest patient with meningitis, House, wanting to keep his mind off of the troubling police investigation as much as possible, was feverishly searching through a mountain of files, hunting down one that could make a half way decent case to get his mind of things. Finally, he pulled out one that seemed vaguely interesting. Patient: Kevin Carson, Male, 14 years old; came to clinic complaining of nausea, vomiting, and heavy perspiration. Physician originally diagnosed him with the stomach flu until he started having convulsions.
    “Cool…” He mumbled. “That should keep the team busy for a few days…” Limping into the conference room, he tossed the file onto the table.
    “New case!” He declared, and started to write the symptoms onto the board. The team looked at him quizzically.
    “Wait a minute,” Kutner pushed. “We just finished a case last night.” He said with a raised eyebrow.
    “Prescription Passion’s cancelled today, need something to do.” House proclaimed.
    “Why not clinic?” Thirteen murmured sarcastically, earning a snicker from Foreman.
    “Because, I have oh so much fun with 당신 guys!” He joked. “Besides, police have this thing about their suspects returning to the scene of the crime. Looks suspicious.”
    “They think 당신 killed him?” Kutner queried, his features looking rather concerned.
    “Figures,” Foreman said with a laugh. “He practically pinned 당신 to the 벽 the other 일 didn’t he?”
    “They also find it rather suspicious that I treated Stone in the clinic not long before his supposed time of death.” House said, rubbing the grip of his cane against his forehead. Kutner stared at him with wide eyes.
    “You didn’t do it though did you?” He stuttered. House pauses. Do they really think I would murder a guy? He sends Kutner a death glare.
    “Of course not.” He said it slowly and solemnly. His fellows looked at him defensively, slightly scared looking.
    “Let’s get back to the case…” He murmured. They all hurriedly got back to work.

* * *
    After sending his team off to run a series of tests on their new patient, House figured he should go bother Wilson. Limping over to his friend’s office, he noticed a fifty 년 looking old man and woman leave the office with somber looks on their faces. He figured that Wilson just landed them the C-Bomb and told one of them that they had cancer, and only ‘insert depressingly short time here’ months to live. After watching them shuffle to the elevators, House slammed open the office door, causing the small book shelf 다음 to it to topple onto the floor.
    “House! For all 당신 knew I could have been with a patient.” Wilson sighed, as he squatted down to pick up the fallen books.
    “Wilson!” House imitated. “You know better than to think I would actually care!” Wilson rolled his eyes at him as he began to examine the condition of a large, leather bound text. “Besides, I saw your last patients leave, ergo leaving 당신 here to organize your pens 의해 order the ink 색깔 appear in the rainbow.”
    “So any particular reason why you’re here, 또는 do 당신 just want to bother me?” Wilson groaned from the floor.
    “Did I mention I’m a lead suspect for Stone’s murder?” House said casually as he picked a 랜덤 book off the floor and started to flip through the pages.
    “What?” Wilson shouts, standing up again, his eyes popping and his face turning scarlet.
    “They. Think. That. I. Killed. Him.” House didn’t take his eyes off the book as he started to read a page.
    “They think 당신 murdered someone, House? Can’t 당신 take things seriously for once? If they find 당신 guilty, you’ll lose your job, your license, you’ll lose your freedom!” Wilson clamored. “House. They will wreck you.” He yelled, breathing heavily.
    “Don’t worry Wilson, I got it under control.” House said calmly as he put down the book.
    “The last time 당신 told me that, a man ended up dead, House.” For the 초 time that 일 House was surprised that people honestly thought he was capable of murder.
    “Wilson,” House looks at his friend with a serious glare. “I didn’t kill him.” Wilson rubs his temples and returns to his desk.
    “No, no, of course not.” He said with a sigh. “Just be careful with these guys House. If 당신 make yourself look like some kind heartless monster, then it will just be twice as hard to get them off your case.” House nods solemnly and limps out into the hallway.

                     * * *
    Stan Parker strutted into the lobby of Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital, camera in hand, ready to take a much needed picture for his boss’s big project. He managed to find a picture of the guy he needed on the hospital’s website, but he needed one of his own. After asking a nurse where the guy’s office was he was ready to take a quick picture of the dude and get away before he noticed. When he arrived on the third floor, he suddenly got extremely lucky. Making his way down the crossing hallway was the dude for the project! Sweet! He thought, and quickly took a picture as the dude limped down the hallway. Looking at the small screen on the camera, he was pleased with the results. The guy looked grumpy and unpleasant, exactly what he needed.

                     * * *

“Morning Cuddy!” House exclaimed, slamming open his boss’s door and parading into the office, completely ignoring the fact that just interrupted a conversation between Cuddy and her two guests.
    “Did 당신 hear about Dr. Brown flirting with the nurse from Pediatrics? I thought he was dati—“
    “Dr. House.” A 쓴, 쓰라린 voice interrupted from the other side of the room. House cranes his neck to see the fuming face of Detective Gray, and the badly hidden smirk of Detective Condon.
    “Oh, I’m sorry.” House sneered sarcastically. “Am I interrupting something?”
    “Yes, 당신 are actu-” Condon said but Gray cut him off.
    “Actually, Dr. House we were just finishing up.” Gray walks over to the door, hesitantly followed 의해 Condon. “Goodbye, Dr. Cuddy.” She said.
    “Um…Goodbye.” Cuddy responds, only to instantly return her attention to House.
    “What in God’s name were 당신 thinking?” She shouts. House shrugs. “Those people decide whether 또는 not 당신 killed a man!” House remains silent. “House, I know 당신 didn’t kill this guy. I know 당신 well enough to know that 당신 wouldn’t kill a guy because he threatened 당신 with a lawsuit.” She reasoned calmly. “You welcome those kind of things like free Ipods, for Christ’s sake.” She murmured. “I just don’t need 당신 being a complete 나귀, 엉덩이 around them. 당신 can’t go to jail House. I risked too much keeping 당신 out of it during the Tritter fiasco, and I don’t think I can do it again.”
    “Okay.” House said, and he quietly walked back to his office.
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School is hectic, so expect fics on weekends. Maybe three 또는 더 많이 parts after this? Hopefully. Enjoy.
Still dedicated to OM. _________________________________________________________

16 Years Ago
At the Convention
About six o'clock at the convention and House was doing amazingly fine. He sat at the very end of the hotel bar with a scotch fit nicely in his hand, as he continued to deposit quarters into the jukebox, playing Billy Joel's, "Leave A Tender Moment Alone". Swaying his head as his back rested on the 벽 behind him, he repeated it over and over again.
Past the tenth time coming in, someone...
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posted by HugeEgoSorry
Previously on In Mayfield:
A few kisses had been shared before Cuddy felt House’s penis starting to erect. Even with his pants on, she gasped the moment it totally did and even brushed on her thigh. Once he had a hold on Cuddy’s panty, he slowly began dragging it down but halfway between her waist and knees, Rachel began to stir, as if disturbed 의해 the slow movement causing the 침대 to wobble. Their 키스 was broken then as House let go of her underwear underneath the velvet 겉옷, 가운 before they both looked at the baby who they’re afraid to be awaken.


They looked at...
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posted by HugeEgoSorry
Weeks have passed since House’s initial detox. The pain’s getting worst as the days goes 의해 and with that, he himself is deteriorating inside. There’s nothing new with the feeling of being alone, what’s new is that finally, he accepted that indeed he is.

Wilson was surprised to see his friend after two months. House isn’t House anymore. No 더 많이 arrogant son of a 암캐, 암 캐 and he is no longer a jerk but he turned into a sorry bastard who won’t believe in his own intellect and abilities. His eyes weren’t the same piercing blue eyes but it’s like those bloody ones that you’ll see...
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posted by HugeEgoSorry
That evening, House went out in a bowling alley with Wilson, Foreman and Chase but he didn’t play. Still, he was looking depressed and problematic as his 프렌즈 played one 의해 one.
Foreman: God, you’re an idiot, House.
Chase: Cuddy shouldn’t know that.
Foreman: She should.
Chase: Are 당신 an idiot? Letting her know would put her and the baby at risk.
Foreman: But keeping it would put the marriage at a funeral wake.
House: It already is. <Drink a glass of beer>
Wilson: Are 당신 and Brenda still together?
House: I’m planning to break up. I just don’t know which of the two will I cut short....
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의해 다음 일 afternoon, Cuddy was surprised when she noticed their house was silent than usual. Rachel wasn’t crying and the garden grasses were trimmed. She opened the door and still no cries, no noise and no mess. Just when she’s about to place the 음식 she bought, she noticed the kisses chocolates shaped like a 심장 on the 부엌, 주방 counter. She got one and pulled the paper out of the chocolate.
Paper one says: “I have 당신 in my heart”
She smiled and got another one, read it and smiled. After doing this for several times, she realized that all paper that were in the kisses chocolates...
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posted by HugeEgoSorry
It was a mess in all the rooms of House and Cuddy’s 집 they bought a 년 after they got together. One couldn’t tell which room is which since things were in a certain room which is not supposed to be there. The three 년 old Rachel was crying so loud while she was being carried 의해 Cuddy who was looking tired, upset and angry. Her hair was a disaster as they head for the baby’s room.
Cuddy: <looking pissed off at Rachel> Stop crying! <The cry of the baby continues and Cuddy looked at the baby then she placed it down heavily on the 철모, basinet but making sure she didn’t hurt it,...
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AN.:It's just a story I've been working on about a secret that is revealed when a girl with the last name "Chase" becomes House's patient.All the characters appear.


It was a normal 일 at PPTH’s diagnostic department, Foreman thought, he had just came back of his clinical trial with Thirteen, who was now talking with Kutner over the coffee maker about the lack of patients today. Taub got the unfortunate task of doing House’s clinic hours. He was just about to get up to get a cup of coffee too when he heard the loud “bang” noise of House...
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It was another dreary and dank morning in apartment 221B. The alarm clock rang at 9:30 AM just like it always did, waking him up so he could be just perfectly late to work, he opened his deep blue eyes and groaned from the pain shooting up his leg, yes just like every morning. He even had a slow but steady routine from the 분 his eyes opened. He grabbed his cane and the bottle of Vicodin from the side 표, 테이블 near his bed. Sleepily he pops one in his mouth sets the bottle back down and is off to get dressed in whatever t-shirt and jeans calls to him that day. Then puts...
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......Chapter 8.
I decided to quit naming the chapters.
I will post chapters 9 & 10 later today,if not tomorrow.
I had to rewrite half of it.

As Cuddy walked into House's bedroom House shut the bedroom door and locked it.Cuddy turned around and saw House having a dirty look on his face.'What the hell?'Cuddy thought."What the hell House?"Cuddy said as House came towards her.Cuddy saw the lust in his eyes.'Oh my god.His he doing what I think he's doing?'she thought.She and House were inches apart."House.I don't I can...."Cuddy began,"I don't trust anyone this moment.I can't trust you.I'm...
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