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A/N: I know, another late update…but I have been really busy lately and am so so so soooo sorry!!!

Murder in the Clinic
Chapter 6: Breaking the News

    The morning after diagnosing his latest patient with meningitis, House, wanting to keep his mind off of the troubling police investigation as much as possible, was feverishly searching through a mountain of files, hunting down one that could make a half way decent case to get his mind of things. Finally, he pulled out one that seemed vaguely interesting. Patient: Kevin Carson, Male, 14 years old; came to clinic complaining of nausea, vomiting, and heavy perspiration. Physician originally diagnosed him with the stomach flu until he started having convulsions.
    “Cool…” He mumbled. “That should keep the team busy for a few days…” Limping into the conference room, he tossed the file onto the table.
    “New case!” He declared, and started to write the symptoms onto the board. The team looked at him quizzically.
    “Wait a minute,” Kutner pushed. “We just finished a case last night.” He said with a raised eyebrow.
    “Prescription Passion’s cancelled today, need something to do.” House proclaimed.
    “Why not clinic?” Thirteen murmured sarcastically, earning a snicker from Foreman.
    “Because, I have oh so much fun with 당신 guys!” He joked. “Besides, police have this thing about their suspects returning to the scene of the crime. Looks suspicious.”
    “They think 당신 killed him?” Kutner queried, his features looking rather concerned.
    “Figures,” Foreman said with a laugh. “He practically pinned 당신 to the 벽 the other 일 didn’t he?”
    “They also find it rather suspicious that I treated Stone in the clinic not long before his supposed time of death.” House said, rubbing the grip of his cane against his forehead. Kutner stared at him with wide eyes.
    “You didn’t do it though did you?” He stuttered. House pauses. Do they really think I would murder a guy? He sends Kutner a death glare.
    “Of course not.” He said it slowly and solemnly. His fellows looked at him defensively, slightly scared looking.
    “Let’s get back to the case…” He murmured. They all hurriedly got back to work.

* * *
    After sending his team off to run a series of tests on their new patient, House figured he should go bother Wilson. Limping over to his friend’s office, he noticed a fifty 년 looking old man and woman leave the office with somber looks on their faces. He figured that Wilson just landed them the C-Bomb and told one of them that they had cancer, and only ‘insert depressingly short time here’ months to live. After watching them shuffle to the elevators, House slammed open the office door, causing the small book shelf 다음 to it to topple onto the floor.
    “House! For all 당신 knew I could have been with a patient.” Wilson sighed, as he squatted down to pick up the fallen books.
    “Wilson!” House imitated. “You know better than to think I would actually care!” Wilson rolled his eyes at him as he began to examine the condition of a large, leather bound text. “Besides, I saw your last patients leave, ergo leaving 당신 here to organize your pens 의해 order the ink 색깔 appear in the rainbow.”
    “So any particular reason why you’re here, 또는 do 당신 just want to bother me?” Wilson groaned from the floor.
    “Did I mention I’m a lead suspect for Stone’s murder?” House said casually as he picked a 랜덤 book off the floor and started to flip through the pages.
    “What?” Wilson shouts, standing up again, his eyes popping and his face turning scarlet.
    “They. Think. That. I. Killed. Him.” House didn’t take his eyes off the book as he started to read a page.
    “They think 당신 murdered someone, House? Can’t 당신 take things seriously for once? If they find 당신 guilty, you’ll lose your job, your license, you’ll lose your freedom!” Wilson clamored. “House. They will wreck you.” He yelled, breathing heavily.
    “Don’t worry Wilson, I got it under control.” House said calmly as he put down the book.
    “The last time 당신 told me that, a man ended up dead, House.” For the 초 time that 일 House was surprised that people honestly thought he was capable of murder.
    “Wilson,” House looks at his friend with a serious glare. “I didn’t kill him.” Wilson rubs his temples and returns to his desk.
    “No, no, of course not.” He said with a sigh. “Just be careful with these guys House. If 당신 make yourself look like some kind heartless monster, then it will just be twice as hard to get them off your case.” House nods solemnly and limps out into the hallway.

                     * * *
    Stan Parker strutted into the lobby of Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital, camera in hand, ready to take a much needed picture for his boss’s big project. He managed to find a picture of the guy he needed on the hospital’s website, but he needed one of his own. After asking a nurse where the guy’s office was he was ready to take a quick picture of the dude and get away before he noticed. When he arrived on the third floor, he suddenly got extremely lucky. Making his way down the crossing hallway was the dude for the project! Sweet! He thought, and quickly took a picture as the dude limped down the hallway. Looking at the small screen on the camera, he was pleased with the results. The guy looked grumpy and unpleasant, exactly what he needed.

                     * * *

“Morning Cuddy!” House exclaimed, slamming open his boss’s door and parading into the office, completely ignoring the fact that just interrupted a conversation between Cuddy and her two guests.
    “Did 당신 hear about Dr. Brown flirting with the nurse from Pediatrics? I thought he was dati—“
    “Dr. House.” A 쓴, 쓰라린 voice interrupted from the other side of the room. House cranes his neck to see the fuming face of Detective Gray, and the badly hidden smirk of Detective Condon.
    “Oh, I’m sorry.” House sneered sarcastically. “Am I interrupting something?”
    “Yes, 당신 are actu-” Condon said but Gray cut him off.
    “Actually, Dr. House we were just finishing up.” Gray walks over to the door, hesitantly followed 의해 Condon. “Goodbye, Dr. Cuddy.” She said.
    “Um…Goodbye.” Cuddy responds, only to instantly return her attention to House.
    “What in God’s name were 당신 thinking?” She shouts. House shrugs. “Those people decide whether 또는 not 당신 killed a man!” House remains silent. “House, I know 당신 didn’t kill this guy. I know 당신 well enough to know that 당신 wouldn’t kill a guy because he threatened 당신 with a lawsuit.” She reasoned calmly. “You welcome those kind of things like free Ipods, for Christ’s sake.” She murmured. “I just don’t need 당신 being a complete 나귀, 엉덩이 around them. 당신 can’t go to jail House. I risked too much keeping 당신 out of it during the Tritter fiasco, and I don’t think I can do it again.”
    “Okay.” House said, and he quietly walked back to his office.
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Cuddy got up and walked to the restroom.
"Who is that." House mumbled under his breath.
Without thinking House accidentally spilled his water. Cuddy walks back from the restroom. Everyone is staring at House. The person to the left of them looks up.
"CUDDY?" They say in sequence.
"Yeah I'm fine thanks for asking." Cuddy and Stacy are still staring at each other. Cuddy looks down.
"well i could have helped u to the restroom if 당신 just asked." She laughs a little then continues staring at Stacy. House dries himself off then looks up at Stacy.
"what are u doing here."
"what do u mean me doing...
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A/N: So this crazy idea came over with all the seasons’ finale and my need to appear in House LOL. It has a Mary Sue because it’s needed but it won’t focus in her 또는 I don’t know if 당신 have any ideas whom I might use from the series write it down… So basically it will focus in House and in his relationships but 더 많이 in Huddy as always. And I post it over Fanfiction. net too.

Disclaimer: I just soooo wish I could own House to make this story real LOL. But I don’t and well if any song appears I don’t own it either…So ramble is over, let’s get reading…

“We need a crash cart!”...
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To be sung to the tune of "Grandma Got Run Over 의해 a Reindeer"

Greg House got run over 의해 a reindeer
limpin' 집 from Cuddy's house 크리스마스 eve. Wink Wink
You can say there's no such thing as Santa.
But as for me and Wilson, we believe.

He'd been drinkin' too much vodka.
And Cuddy begged him not to go.
But he'd forgot his Vicodin,
and he staggered out the door into the snow.

When we found him 크리스마스 mornin,'
at the scene of the attack.
He had hoof prints on his forehead,
And incriminatin' Claus marks on his back.

Greg House got run over 의해 a reindeer,
limpin' 집 from Cuddy's house Christmas...
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Since I just started revising Part 1 I am going to post it 의해 scenes. As always please comment.

Part I
Six Weeks Later
The Beginning of the End

The incessant beeping of the alarm clock signified that it was five thirty in the morning. It couldn’t have come soon enough. Another night had come and past, another battle she had survived. Now another battle began, getting through the day. And so her new morning routine began. For ten 분 she lied in 침대 breathing shallowly trying to stave off the nausea. Once it had become tolerable she stood up slowly and made her way to the bathroom. Part...
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