House/Cuddy/Wilson How old are each one of them?

Bery posted on Sep 17, 2009 at 03:49PM
This question had me really wondering

Has it ever been said how old House is in the show? I can't remember, but apparently he should be around 50.

I'm pretty sure Wilson's age has never been mentioned.

Cuddy said she was 38 on The Social Contract, which makes no sense at all if House is actually 50 because they supposedly shared at least one year in med school. She might have been lying, some women do that about their age lol.

Thoughts? Anyone remembers facts from the show that I'm missing here?

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over a year ago huddyislove said…
I have no idea....

Writers are messed up when it comes to time lines :PPPPPPP

And Cuddy is 38, GY confirmed on twitter....

House can't be 50, somewhere around season 2 Wilson told him he was 43/44, I don't remember...

and for Wilson, whatever age it is, it's somewhere around House's
over a year ago Bery said…
well 44 (season 2) plus 4 (season 6) makes 48, not that far from 50.
If Cuddy is indeed 38 that's a 10 year difference, way too much to have been in college together. Don't think GY took this into account when he answered the question on Twitter. Is that LE's age? Maybe he just answered that for this reason.

In looks, Wilson is clearly way younger than House though, they don't look around the same age.