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BassChick posted on Jun 27, 2008 at 04:25AM
I'm just trying to think of ways we can get more life on this spot. We've been doing pretty well in the picks department. I've gone as far as to just think of random musicians and put them up there to see the results.

Now the hottest actors spot has a forum where girls can list their hottest actors so why not list some of our hottest musicians? I'll post mine when I can think of them all.

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over a year ago Heidi42 said…
My hottest musicians, i have lots of them. :D. I LOVE musicians. haha. so here are a few.

My top 10
1. Jonathan Steingard- Hawk Nelson
2. Brian Calcara- Stellar Kart
3. Jason Dunn- Hawk Nelson
4. Daniel Biro- Hawk Nelson
5. Adam Agee- Stellar Kart
6. Jordan Messer- Stellar Kart
7. Cody Pellerin
8. Chris N.- Cycledown
9. Eric Wolf- Cycledown
10. Michael Johns- off of American Idol

There are a lot more but those are my top 10
... not in that order though. They are all close.
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over a year ago cowgirlfromhell said…
over a year ago Edwards_Heroin said…
Bill Kaulitz of Tokio Hotel. He is my number 1 hottest musician ever!!!
over a year ago DeathBatGirl said…
My top 5 wud have 2b...
1:Zacky Vengeance frm Avenged Sevenfold
2:Synyster Gates frm Avenged Sevenfold
3:M. Shadows frm Avenged Sevenfold
4:Jacoby Shaddix frm Papa Roach
5:Adam Gontier frm Three Days Grace
over a year ago meelottie said…
Jared Followill... or pretty much any of the Followills
Brandon Flowers
Keith Murray
Ian Watkins
theres more but im just forgetting them
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over a year ago CharmedAngel88 said…
I really love Zacky Vengeance and Synyster Gates from Avenged Sevenfold. They're both very gorgeous men.
over a year ago tvdabst said…
My top 10 are:
1.Josh farro-Paramore
2.Frank Iero-MCR
3.Billy Martin-Good Charlotte
4.Syn Gates-Avenged Sevenfold
5.Tyson Ritter-The AAR
6.Nick Wheeler-The AAR
7.Dan Hetherton-Elliot Minor
8.James Matthews-Go:Audio
9.Gerard Way-MCR
10.Ed Minton-Elliot Minor

I could name so many more, I'm addicted with guitarists especially
over a year ago talent said…
Benjamin Kowalewicz(billy talent)and Chris Martin(coldplay)
over a year ago rockzsanders said…
1.Matt Tuck -Bullet for my Valentine
3.Gerard Way-MCR
over a year ago Deans_Girl said…
2:Shaun Diviney & Bradie Webb
over a year ago thomascromwell said…
1)stephen gatley-boyzone
2)micheal jackson
4)carlos pena jr-big time rush
5)tom felton
 1)stephen gatley-boyzone 2)micheal jackson 3)eminem 4)carlos pena jr-big time rush 5)tom felton
over a year ago larastarchild said…
my top 10 are:
1. John Taylor(Duran Duran)
2.Paul Stanley(Kiss)
3.Sebastian Bach(Skid Row)
4.Bruce Kulick(Kiss)
5.Tommy Lee(motley crue)(only in 80s)
7.Steven Adler(Guns n' Roses)(only in 80s and 90s)
8.Duff McKagan(Guns n' Roses)(only in 80s and 80s)
9.Michael Jackson
10.Ace Frehley(Kiss)(only 70s and 80s)