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posted by Sasunaru120
The legend of Blue baby blue is a lot like Bloody Mary, it takes place in a bathroom and for the 'ritual' 당신 need a mirror.
You enter the bathroom (as with Bloody Mary, go with a friend as to not freak yourself out) and fog up the mirror. Do this however 당신 like, turning on hot water is quite effective! When the mirror is successfully fogged, 당신 should write "Baby Blue" in the 'fog'.
Then 당신 should turn off the light and wait for a few moments. After a 분 또는 two 당신 should hold out your arms as if 당신 were carrying a baby. 당신 또는 your friend will feel like a baby has been placed in your...
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posted by Sasunaru120
Kashima Reiko was a girl who was abused 의해 a pair of boys and got ran over 의해 a train in the Meishin express way. It's a Japanese urban legend. A lot of people have an opinion that if 당신 read this story, you'll see her within a month.

It started out while she tried to proceed onto the train because she was going to travel onto another place when all of the sudden, a pair of boys came to her and started abusing her in a really bad way. When it was over, she was crawling onto a railway and a train ran over her since it was impossible for her to get up. She was cut slit open between the belly. So, if 당신 see her, she'll ask 당신 questions. For example, she'll ask 당신 on where her legs are. If 당신 answer it correctly, she'll ask 당신 about whoever told 당신 about this. She won't only ask these kind of questions, she'll also ask 당신 trick questions. It'll be a 랜덤 질문 so 당신 have to pick a choice wisely.

So, that's all I could really explain to 당신 about Kashima Reiko.
posted by sonamylove10
저기요 people we all like horror 영화 like scream,carrie,the housemaid(its kinda of a horror movie),jason,freddy,and army of the darkness.Those are all good 영화 well some of them are about romance for example:the housemaid the housemaid is about a new family moving in a house and they hired a maid.The husband is humping the maid without his wife knowing and now she wants revenge.So we will always remember old horror 영화 no matter if it is new 또는 old we will still remember them WE WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER THEM AND WHEN WE ARE DEAD WE WILL STILL STILL REMEMBER THOSE GOOD COOL HORROR 영화 SO LETS ALWAYS REMEMBER THEM IF 당신 AGREE PUT A 코멘트 AND A FACE 또는 JUST A 코멘트 OK WELL BYE GUYS I GOT TO GO THE TEEN KIDS CHOICE AWARDS ARE ONE AND I DONT WANT TO MISS WILLOW SMITH SHES MY 가장 좋아하는 SINGER EVEN THOUGH SHE IS ONLY 11 I DONT CARE I LIKE BOTH OF HER TWO SONGS WELL BYE!
posted by ChuckyLover1
Im soo glad the Horror Reality world was created. Because without fear, 또는 horrorfying events, movies, ect in the world? What would 할로윈 and anything else be? Im glad scary was created because some poeple actually like it. Im glad that all these horror 아이콘 and monsters were created because without them? What would be 더 많이 scarier? NOTHIN! Because somebody had to create this stuff right? Everybody's got a talent, and that involves the actors for these 영화 and tv shows we all 사랑 full of scariness. And im blessed to have these wonderful horror 여배우 to make such good entertainment for us to enjoy. Im a HORROR MOVIE ADDICTOR FOR LIFE. And always will, I hope this never ends.