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Through magical worm-holes connecting fandoms, Hermione and Bella are transported together into a dark, unknown, place…

(This is just after the completion of both series)

Hermione: What just happened? Where am I? Harry? Ron? Hello?

Bella: Holy crow! Where am I? Edward? Where are you? Where’s Renesmee?

Hermione: Who are you?

Bella: I’m Bella Cullen. Edward Cullen’s wife.

Hermione: Oh. I’m Hermione Granger. Um, Ron Weasley’s girlfriend, I guess. If that’s how we’re introducing ourselves.

Bella: Have 당신 seen Edward? He is the most gorgeous thing to walk the Earth. I am his, and he is...
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posted by karthu1993
.There is a reason why I am 글쓰기 this article. Both Harry Potter and twilight are fictional stories. They are enjoyable 책 또는 films ( and the characters don’t exist) . But some people, especially teenage girls are taking this too far. They have fallen in 사랑 with imaginary characters in twilight and it seems to interrupt their daily and personal life. I have read several blogs and chats on several sites saying so (they are happy about it). The thing is that the characters in twilight are not 100% likable 또는 acceptable for them to see the story 또는 the characters unique. There are...
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posted by jointhehunt
Bella 백조 is a good character, but hermione is 더 많이 iconic. If 당신 take a servey of how many people know bella 백조 또는 how many people know hermione granger, hermione would simply win. Bella is a school girl who lives in forks with her dad. Nothig special about her. Hermione is a wizard who goes to hogwarts and knows almost every spell there is. She is very smart. Just for those reasons hermione is better. Bella is older. hermione is braver. I have many 프렌즈 that 사랑 twilight, and me, I am a HP fan, and I assure 당신 this is my opinion.In my eyes, Hermione over Bella.
posted by zar_far11
 Hermione risking her life for her friends, fighting Death Eaters
Hermione risking her life for her friends, fighting Death Eaters
Hermione is a great role model for all of us HP fans. But there are still Twilight 팬 out there who believe that Bella 백조 is a better icon. So, I thought, 'OK, why not compare the two and see the conclusion'. I am a HP fan, but I will not be bias. I will state the good and bad in both Hermione and Bella. So let us begin.

Cons: Acts like a know-it-all at first, bushy hair and large teeth at first, sometimes bossy.
Pros: Determined (to find all the horcruxes, defeat Voldemort, find the Philosopher's Stone, do well in class), 메리다와 마법의 숲 (went head-on-head with Death Eaters at the Battle...
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