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posted by Heidi42
My review of all the songs off of Life Live Loud. This is just my opinon and what i think of all the songs. Nothing perfessional of nothing heard from the guys themselves so i may be way off on what they mean but i gave it a shot. :)

Live Life Loud
Live Life Loud has the signature hawk sound. It makes 당신 want to jump around and scream. Its also has a message to it that makes 당신 want to go out and do something instead of just sitting around.

Never Enough
Never Enough is a little hard rock. I 사랑 the 기타 at the beginning. When I'm crabby and having a bad 일 I like to listen to this song....
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posted by Heidi42
I have noticed for a couple of weeks now that the Hawk Nelson Fanspot has stayed at 25 fans. I know not many people have heard of them because they aren't on the radio. The only reason I heard of them was because I saw them in a 음악회, 콘서트 and I have loved them and their 음악 ever since. So I decided to list all the reasons why I 사랑 Hawk Nelson in my hopes to get as many 팬 as possible.
- They have great beats in their songs
- They come out with new CD's every 2 years
- They are all extremely talented
- All their songs mean something
- Even though they are christian, their songs are pop-y
- I've...
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posted by Heidi42
Yesterday I was searching through some groups on a website ((NOT FANPOP)) and i saw a couple of groups that were talking about how they dislike hawk nelson. I know, i was shocked to!! Some were even targeting the members. HARSH! so i looked and i saw i havent written an 기사 for a while and i know these guys better thanks to blogs they have written, podcasts and going to their concerts. So I am going to talk about each of the individual members. So here i go... haha

Jason is the lead singer/keyboard-piano player and he is amazing. He is hilarious and one of the nicest people i have...
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