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posted by parijatb
 How can data loss happen?
How can data loss happen?
Before talking about data recovery let’s find out why the data loss happens in the first place. There are a few common reasons why your hard drive could be crashing. The common symptoms are bad sectors, corrupt 또는 damaged firmware, failed 또는 failing read-write heads, scratched platters, deleted data, clicking 또는 beeping noises, drive not spinning, drive not getting power, drive smoking, drive screeching 또는 scraping, and drive knocking. The most important part of data recovery is figuring out why your hard drive is not working.

One of the most common cases that people experience is the loss of data from an external 또는 portable hard drive. These are prone to damage because people tend to carry them around in backpacks and briefcases which might lead to them getting tipped over. These devices have very little shock protection and most of the time they are damaged because they were dropped 또는 received some sort of impact.

In case of your laptop 또는 desktop, they might be on their way to crashing if 당신 find that they are running very slow 또는 won’t turn on at all. As it is with portable devices, one of the most common reasons is your laptop receiving some kind of impact 의해 dropping 또는 banging. This can easily damage the internal components of the hard drive. Another common cause can be power outrages. If the power is turned off abruptly, the heads of the drive can slam into the 플래터 instead of resting where they are supposed to.

Usually, 당신 only get one chance to recover the 로스트 data from your hard drive and the task is best left to professionals. Sometimes “computer and IT data recovery companies” offer another way to recover data. This usually means running over-the-counter software which attempts to read the data from a crashed drive. In most cases, all this does is make things worse and the data gets 더 많이 complicated 또는 even impossible to recover.

As said earlier, in order to recover the data from your hard drive, the cause of its failure is required to be understood. A successful diagnosis of your failed drive is the key factor that determines if the data can be recovered 또는 if it is 로스트 forever. The hard drive has to be temporarily repaired before that data can be recovered. This cannot be done without knowing the cause of the failure which is why it is important. The correct diagnosis of the drive is what makes some companies competent enough to deal with recovery services.

It is important to note that the repairs that are done are temporary and only for the purpose of retrieving your data, not for restoring the drive again in your system.