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posted by mileymomo
ok...well the h2o girls are cleo sertori,rikki chadwick,emma gilbert,kim sertori,and charlotte. 샬럿, 샬 롯 comes in the 2nd season but oh well!cleo and kim are sisters as 당신 can tell,rikki is the poorish one on the show =( emmas boyfriend in season1 was byron and in season2 it was ash, rikkis boyfriend is the rich zane aka (the badboy)and cleo and 샬럿, 샬 롯 both dated lewis but lewis dumps 샬럿, 샬 롯 and get bakc together with cleo in the ending of the 2nd season,oh! and 샬럿, 샬 롯 becomes a mermaid because she thought that if her grandma was one than she should be on too!then she gets this weird idea that she is sooooooo better than emma,cleo,and rikki!and well kim is just a brat! =)ok... well thats it! =)
posted by nicole102944
H2O is the best.CLEO/I think cleo is the best because she is nice and smart. RIKKI/Rikki is the cool one to me. Now Emma, well she really smart very nice but a little mean. LUIS/Luis is very very smart and the only one who will not stare at the moon. BELLA/Bella is the new one. She became a mermaid in another place. WILL/Will had to learned the hard way. ZANE/Zane learned the the crazy way. ASH/Ash learned the nice way Emma just told hem. Cleo and Luis are in 사랑 , Rikki and Zane are in 사랑 and Bella and Will are in love.
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posted by h2omeramaid96
I think there should totally be a season 4 because the show was totally left on a hook. Emma left and bella was there. So what happens when emma comes back and figures out tht bella took her place. Its the best show ever y quit it, it was the best show ever!!!! PLS directors read this it waz the best ever. I wish i waz a mermaid sometimes i mean seriously u get 2 c things tht most ppl cant who wldnt want 2 b a mermaid. I still believe in them. So pls come back w another season.
O and tell me how to become one!!!!