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Sorry to bore all 당신 looking for gossip, but I really looking for some guidance. I have a "gregory peck" old antique truck, given to a friend of mine. I also retained a picture of my friend with her husband, that clearly makes me feel this truck is the rela thing. Would any one willing to give me 조언 on who 또는 what company may help me find the worth of the treasure? Thank 당신 all very much. This truck was givin to her husband when he was in charge of wardrobe dept 의해 Gregory Peck, they also had their "boats" at the San Diego Harbor side 의해 side, I have enough information that I think that this is true. I have so many details but do not know where to begin to finds the 출처 that can give the the answer. I have tried watching some 영화 but my time is limited. If anyone can help please let me know? debbie