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Runningstar- black and white tom with amber eyes.
Fallowstar- spotted brown tabby she-cat with darker freckles.
Brightstar- orange and white splotched she-cat with green eyes.
Stonestar- gray tom with blue eyes.
Nymphspirit- fluffy white she-cat with brown spots and amber eyes.
Cedarfern- brownish tom with amber eyes.
Dawnshade- old tabby she-cat.
Rustpelt- A reddish tom with blue eyes and darker chest.
Wolfhowl- light brown she-cat with lighter tipped fur.
Medicine Cats
Cloudstorm- she-cat with blue eyes.
Greenheart- blind blue tom with blue eyes.
Deaconlight- orange tabby tom with white ears and tail tip.
Thymepaw- black she-cat with gray eyes.
Coppertail- orange tabby tom with amber eyes.
Scarletpelt- fierce white she-cat with amber eyes.
Icetalon- strong white tom with bright blue eyes.
Darkblaze- black tom with white and gray patches.
Foxtail- orange tom cat with white paws and green eyes
Heavenheart- a beautiful, pure white she-cat with blue eyes that seems clear
Wildberry- gray tabby she-cat, amber eyes.
Pondleg- dark brown tom with amber eyes.
Robinfrost- gray she-cat with amber eyes.
Beechdusk- golden tabby tom with amber eyes.
Aspenpelt- a black tom with bright orange eyes.
Glacierfall- blue-grey tabby she-cat.
Ashflower-grey she-cat with white specks and amber eyes
Petalthroat- black she-cat with a white splash on chest and amber eyes.
Smoothcloud- gray she-cat with blue eyes.
Dampfoot- gray tom with blue eyes.
Weedsniffer- gray and black tom with beautiful brown eyes.
Frondsplash- golden brown she-cat with amber eyes.
Firesplash- an orange tabby tom with a white chest and bright green eyes.
Frytail- small silver tom-kit with light brown eyes, has a white patch on chest.
Cheetahclaw -golden she cat with black smudges and green eyes
Daisytail- small golden she-cat with amber eyes and a fierce temper.
Furzefang- brown tom with white splash on chest.
Reedsplash- golden she-cat with long fur and amber eyes.
Dawnbird- dark golden auburn with bright brown eyes.
Sparrowwing- dark silver tom with darker streaks along his back with hazel eyes.
Oaktail- light brown tabby tom with blue eyes. Smaller than his brother.
Echocloud- white tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes.
Frogwhisker- dark brown tom with green eyes.
Stormfang- gray tom with amber eyes
Longscratch- black and white tom with long claws and long whiskers.
Duskleaf- pretty gray tabby she-cat.
Velvetfur- red tabby she-cat with amber eyes.
Honeystep- golden she-cat with amber eyes.
Cloverleaf- A white she-cat with a dappled brown coat and brown tail with green eyes.
Lilypool- tan she-cat with white paws and green eyes.
Smokesoul- a black tom with a dark gray chest and gold eyes.
Bluepaw- a dark gray/blue she cat with blue eyes
Droughtpaw- golden she-cat with amber eyes.
Goldenpaw- dark golden tom with amber eyes.
Ferretpaw-red tom with dark brown eyes.
Splotchpaw- gray tom with darker spots and amber eyes.
Owlkit- black tom with amber eyes.
Deerkit- spotted gray she-cat.
Amberkit- golden tabby she-cat with amber eyes.
Leafkit- orange tabby she-cat with white patches.
Briarkit- brown tabby she-cat, amber eyes.
Hillkit- gray and white splotched tom, green eyes.
Stormkit- gray tabby tom with amber eyes.
Iriskit- small white she-cat with amber eyes.
Silkkit- small gray tom with amber eyes.
Toadkit- spotted dark tabby tom with amber eyes.
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over a year ago TalaLeisu2 said…
Here, StarClan cats spelled out for you XD I'm going to add several characters to this list.