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posted by schnoodle11
Hi, everyone! Me name's Stonepaw! I'm seven moons old! In case 당신 were wondering, I get my name from both the stone colored splotches on my white fur, and my tough attitude. My mom is Sunstripe, my brother is Brickpaw, and my sister is Mousepaw (she's small). I'm mentored 의해 Roseheart, our deputy and the best mentor EVER! I was born into FlowerClan, and so was my mom, and her mom, and her mom, and all the way back since FlowerClan started. Well, it's been nice talking to ya, but my mentor is calling me. It's time to train!
posted by boomerlover
I was born in the wild, along with my kin. Silverleaf, my sister, and Beamclaw, my brother. Our mother, Moonpelt, left us at a very young age. My brother and I hunted, while Silverleaf stayed. She was unpleasant, and very hubris. But Silverleaf, Beamclaw, and I, Roseheart, were still kits, so we were, Silverkit, Beamkit, and Rosekit. Silverkit was, and still is, very rude, mean, and thinks she is the better of us three. While Beamkit and I are confident, loyal, and could fend for ourselves.

Time passed, and Silverkit eventually got tired of us and wandered off. We couldn't find her for moons....
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