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HEY! This is part 2!
Check out my earlier 기사 on the colors.
Also, as a repeat: These are clothes that nons can get. Make sure your account is at least a 년 old, and also some of these items 당신 can't get any more.
So results may very :)

Comment any 질문 당신 have, and sorry if I miss a theme 또는 two, let me know what theme 당신 would like me to cover if I don't bellow.
I'd be glad to help!



HAIR... Red bun (used in the color RED)
OUTFIT... Purple genie dress, W/ yellow stars
SHOES... N/A (Not Available)
BOARD... Blue board, W/ yellow shooting star
ACCESSORY... Dark orang...
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Ever saw someone say something, and 당신 were like,
"Huh? What's that?".
Here's a guide to knowing what those codes really mean! :D Hope 당신 like!

Code for Girlfriend/Boyfriend, date,mom, dad, etc:

Text 101:

LOL (Laugh Out Loud)

IDK (I Don't Know)

ROFL/ ROTFL (Rolls On Floor Laughing/ Rolls On
The Floor Laughing)

HEHE (Sneaky, giggle)

NON (Someone who isn't a member)

MEM (Someone who IS a member)

TTYL (Talk To 당신 Later)

LTR (Later [I will see 당신 later])

ciz (Kiss)

tonques (Tongues, Kiss)

코멘트 any questions!
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one 일 thesse two girls names shailar and mirabelle were walking in the haunted house they heard noises so they ran away but every night they would come and then this one 일 the almost got killed but they heard a noise what could it be?to be contunied.....
what they said:ssook:hey mirabelle lets go to a haunted house mirabelle:ok ssook:omg i heard a noise *both runs out* mirabelle that was close ssook:i know right 다음 일 ssook;*looks at a killer* AHHH!!! mirabelle:OMG! *both runs out *hears noise ssook:omg what was that
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This just in!
I went on Fantage this morning, like I always do.
And I was walking around, and something wasn't right with my account. They eyes and skin tone had been changed! I was furious! I had to waste stars on my eyes and skin tone AGAIN!
But then on my other account (a non), I had bought mem eyes with Ecoins, AND MY EYES WERE GONE ALSO!
I spent hard earned money on ecoins, and on those eyes, and they were erased! Like, POOF! GONE!
I am angry at Fantage right now! And I refuse to get on!

There's one theory that I believe:
They were working on the Fantage 크리스마스 party, and for some freakin' reason, they messed with everyone's eyes! Maybe everything got 'reset' 또는 something ridiculous! I don't know what exactly happened, but I hate Fantage for it!

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the noise was coming from the closest they got killed they were dead until they became zombies! then they almost killed everyone but this girl named oz and ssook (ssook is one of my caters but just call her shailar) oz and ssook tried to killed them and they couldent but they screamed of terror but who knows what they done to them find out 다음 on scary story #3 what they said:
랜덤 guy: *kills shailar and mirabelle
shailar and mirabelle:brains *eats almost all humans brains oz 저기요 zombies looking for us? *tries to kill zombies ssook:*kills them* *tey dont die*
both shailar and mirabelle: argh brains both oz and ssook:AHHHH!!!!! to be contunied...... MWAHAHAHAHA the end ull under stand this story if u read #1
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Okay guys, stop it.
Here's a little news flash: not every mem is a spoiled rich kid.
Here's another news flash: just because you're a non, doesn't mean you're any less of a person than those mems.
So stop fighting.
Guess what? I'm not a mem.
Guess what else? I have tons of clothes (thanks to ecoins) and sometimes do look like a mem.
Why am I saying this? I'm saying this because 당신 don't have to buy a membership (for like, what is it? $60? $30?) for a year, and be all "I'm all that!". 당신 can live off just stars, and some ecoins. Now 당신 may be thinking, "You probably spend a bunch of money on ecoins!"....
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If you're a non (like me), and 당신 have all the clothes that 당신 can buy in all the shops (that are available for nons), like I do, then here is a guide to what-to-wear.

WARNING: (heh not really) Just as a heads up, some of the clothes can't be bought now, and 당신 might not have them. So it helps if your account is at least a 년 old.

HOPE THIS HELPS! And I hope my 설명 of the clothes are clear. 코멘트 any 질문 :)



HAIR... Blur afro (RARE)
SHIRT... Long blue sleeved 셔츠 (Oasis Bazaar)
PANTS... Light blue jeans (with a boot cut, not
the new dark skinny jeans)
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