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Morning came in, but Elena was too tired to get up. It had been 4 am when she had fallen asleep and even then it was a restless night. However she felt a sudden weight on her 침대 and a shadow covering her face.
She opened her eyes and stared in Damon’s face. She was awake right away. She sat up and threw her arms around Damon.
“You’re alive!” she cried. She held onto him like she would never let go.
“Yeah, some cop helped me” Damon said. “I had to compel him, though. He wanted me to go to the hospital”
“I wanted to go find you” Elena said, letting go of Damon. “But Stefan...
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Found this on YouTube. HILARIOUS!! ;D
mary sue
해리 포터
“Okay, that doesn’t look very nice” the doctor said. Jeremy was sitting on the examination table, Alaric was leaning onto the closet. “I’m afraid I’m going to have to stitch” While she prepared her stitching material she talked to her patient. “So, how did this happen? Were 당신 involved in a fight?” Jeremy looked how she pierced the stitching scissor in his hand. “No, it wasn’t like that. It was an accident” he answered. “I broke a cup, two cups. Cut my hand” The doctor nodded. “Are 당신 vaccinated for tetanus?” Jeremy looked up at Alaric, who helplessly raised...
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Elena was leaning against the door trying to hear what was being said when Damon pushed the door open. Elena rubbed her temple and looked angry at Damon.
He frowned, then got the picture. “Sorry” he mumbled.
“Where’s Kat?” Elena informed.
“Gone” Damon said short. “She won’t bother to come here…ever”
Elena gave him a weird look, but decided not to ask any further. Not about Kat, anyway. “Was that Caroline? I thought I heard her voice”
“Yeah, but she’s gone too” Damon said.
“Why?” Elena asked.
“I sent her away” Damon said, avoiding Elena’s look.
Elena shook...
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“Get me another one of this golden stuff” Alaric said lifting his glass. The bartender, who was cleaning some glasses, shook his head. “I think you’ve had quite enough” “Oh, come on” Alaric groaned. “I’m the customer here. I’m paying” He got out some money. “What does it cost, I’m paying 당신 double” He threw the money on the bar.
“If 당신 have too much of it, 당신 can always give it to me” a familiar voice said. Alaric looked aside and saw Damon. “You’re drinking Bourbon? Without me? Shame on you” He signed with his hand, pointing at Alaric’s glass and...
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 Just to show 당신 not everybody is a demented satanic pervert, :D
Just to show you not everybody is a demented satanic pervert, :D
(Some viewers may find this a little raunchy, viewer discretion kind of advised.)
And count how many times I mention Jello. :D

Hello Zello Yellow Mellow I 사랑 Jello Everybody! (WOW FIRST SENTENCE!) Today I am reviewing a GOOD Fanfiction, and will teach 당신 how to make one CORRECTLY. (You listening to this TrueBlueTeam? Dry Bones? Good.)

Seriously though guys, I really do 사랑 this Fanfiction, and I really do 사랑 Jello.

The Fanfiction makes clever funny references to the show, has plenty of logic, sanity, and 판타지 in it, the Fanfiction is funny, and does many things right.

But 당신 probably...
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Chapter 1: New Life, New Begginings

The door flew open. Maria entered. Maria had dreaded this day. The 일 she was opening the foreign doors into her new life. The exact same 일 she was closing the familiar door on her old life. Last night she couldn't sleep because of it: the nerves had gotten to her.

What if someone found out how she got into this place?

Or worse, what would they make of it?

She now felt miserable. A step into this place and she was already miserable, what a great start to a new day! It was her first 일 at Noughts & Crosses boarding school and she already didn't like...
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(So what 당신 are about to read was mainly inspired to me 의해 a very weird yet interesting dream. I know that virtually every single time I make one of these, something goes wrong, but I have good faith that I can continue this one to the best of my ability. So, without further ado, let's get started.)

Tick, Tock...Tick, Tock...


#1: AUGH! *Falls out of bed*

#1: Jesus, I thought I got rid of this stupid alarm clock...Always frightens the living hell outta me!

#2: 당신 should be complaining, Miles. I sleep right 다음 to it!

#1/Miles: True, James. But still, whose idea was this anyway? Ah, never...
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K so i was thinking that it's 13 years later and all the 늑대 have imprinted except for seth. Jake and Nessie. Quil and Clarie. Sam and Emily and have one boy Alex Uley. Paul and Rachel. My friend Karen is a Shapeshifter Werewolf Eri Raeka and Brady. My friend sharon a hybrid and Collin. Jared and Kim. Leah and nahuel. My friend Natalia a hybrid and embry. Edward and Bella. Emmett and Rosalie. Alice and Jasper. Esme and Carlisle.Lydia is a vampire Hope Collins and micheal a human. They live in fork washington still. Nessie, natalia, Sharon, Eri, Clarie. Lydia and micheal are in their last...
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Katherine was in the 부엌, 주방 of her new house, which she shared with Klaus and Rebekah, but they were gone for now. She smeared some loafs of 빵 and poured a can with tap water. She bit her arm and let some drops of blood drop on the bread. She placed the 빵 and the water on a plate and walked out of the kitchen.
She walked to the front door and left the house. The plate in her hands she slowly walked over the street.
She arrived at Fell’s Church and climbed down. She walked to a wall, put the plate down and shoved the 벽 aside. A pale hand came in view and a girl lifted up her head...
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okay down to buisness someone commented last chap and wanted ember to die so bye ember
'EEEEEEEEMMMMMMMMMMMMBBBBBBBEEEER!!!!'spyro called 'yes my boyfriend?' 'listen ur not my girlfriend im in 사랑 with cynder so stop followin me forever and also for the final time im telling u FLAME LOVES UUUUUUUUUU!!!!' 'SO BYE'
'CYNDDDEEEEEERRRRRR!!!!!' ' spyro?' ' cynder there u r i neeed to talk to u' 'yeah?' 'i...i... i 사랑 u!' 'i 사랑 u too spyro!' (yay hug!!)
meanwhile... 'im gonna jump' 'spyro dont 사랑 me im gonna jump goodbye spyro and see 당신 in hell cynder!' (jumps) 'ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh'
(ember died)
this is sparx part of story before ember dies
sparx was flying near a cliff when he saw ember standing near the edge sparx then hid behind a 부시, 부시 대통령은 to watch sparx says ' wat is ember doing here she should be at the dragon temple chasing spyro' then he sees ember jump of the cliff and ran back to tell ignitus ' 저기요 big guy' 'yes young one?' 'i just saw ember jump off a cliff she said it was beacause spyro doesnt 사랑 her' 'couldn't u stop her?' ' no i was actuly evesdropping' ' spyro?' 'yes cynder' 'this has somthing to do with me doesnt it?' no its not ur fault its mine cause i said i 사랑 u and i do 사랑 u' 'spyro cynder u have to get ember's dead remains and bring it back here' 'why?' 'beacause i can resurect her to make her alive again but i need her remains' 'ok we'll get her remains'
thus ends chapter 3
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